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Jakarta, Indonesia

The busy traffic rings, the honking in your ears, and the heat hit you in the face as soon as you set foot in Jakarta. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, stimulates all your senses. If you want to experience the real Indonesia, start your tour through Java in the metropolis of Jakarta.

Travel By Train

The rail lines connect Jakarta to neighboring cities: Depok and Bogor in the south, Tangerang and Serpong in the west and Bekasi, Karawang, and Cikampek in the east. The main train stations are Gambir, Jatinegara, Manggarai, and Jakarta Kota.

Taxis Available

The most comfortable way to get around Jakarta is by taxi. This is an expensive form of transport for Indonesian standards, but compared to the taxis in most Western countries, the price is very low.

Safety Trip

As one of the largest cities in the world, Jakarta has its own series of potential dangers you need to know about before making your way to the capital city of Indonesia.


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