Rainbow Bridge in Japan



People cheering for Olympic Games

Tokyo – Best Hotels for the 2020 Olympics

What are the best places to sleep during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? In which neighborhoods do you prefer to stay if the prime locations are already fully booked? Where do you certainly not want to stay during the Olympics? These are probably all questions to which you currently have ...
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Tokyo Ramen, Broth with Meat and Eggs

Tokyo Food & Drinks – The Travelers Guide

The Tokyo food scene is unlike anything you've seen before. The moment you travel to Tokyo you will experience a totally different culinary world. A vacation in Tokyo means getting acquainted with new dishes, new drinks and sometimes totally different eating habits than you do at home. The journey of ...
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IDR bills used for the Indonesia Budget

The Cost of Traveling in Indonesia

The cost of traveling in Indonesia is not very high. Travelers can see and do a lot for just $30 a day. The price level is comparable with, for example, Thailand or countries such as Guatemala if you want to look for it outside of Asia. Are you going to ...
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