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Our name Akisoto comes from the Japanese words Aki (autumn) and Soto (outside). It reminds us of a beautiful day in autumn where the leaves turn yellow and red, taking a moment to stop from our daily routines and just enjoy life out in the world.


Our passion is to experience, to learn and to bring joy to anyone we can. We hope that by reading our blog articles and travel experiences, we can give you a feeling of wonder, a glimpse into a place far away.


We’ve been to many different countries all over Asia. We feel it’s important to learn from other cultures and use certain aspects in our own daily lives. Even though Asia is one continent, all countries still have their own culture and style. We want to bring a piece of this culture to you. 


The interests of our readers are always a top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing them for you.

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