The beautiful BaBe Lake

Ba Be National Park – Paradise of Flora and Fauna

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One of the most beautiful national parks in the country is located in the north of Vietnam. The Ba Be National Park covers more than 100 square kilometers and is known for its great diversity of flora and fauna. The park is about a 3-4 hour journey from the capital Hanoi.


The park was initially established to protect the huge lake in the region. Ba Be literally means “Three Lakes” but is actually a confusing and wrong name. The Ba Be Lake consists of one continuous piece of water.


However, the lake is called Ba Be because the lake is divided into three parts that all have different names. Ba Be is the largest lake in the country and in some parts it is almost 35 meters deep. The exact size of the lake depends on the rainfall and the season.


It is possible to take a boat trip on the vast lake during a visit to the Ba Be National Park. This is one of the best ways to discover the beautiful nature in the park. If you are lucky, you can also encounter several rare species of animals.


Image of: BaBe Lake crystal clear water
The water here is very clear and beautiful!


Flora and Fauna in the Ba Be National Park

The vast majority of the park consists of limestone and forest. In addition, there are some very steep mountains. The park also has a large diversity of flora and fauna. No fewer than 27 different species of bats, 65 species of mammals, 233 species of birds, 106 species of fish, and 43 species of reptiles and amphibians live in the park.


Some striking animals that you can encounter in the park are the king cobra, the Asian black bear, and the Asian gold cat.


Even the lovers of butterflies will not be bored in the Ba Be National Park. There are no fewer than 354 species of butterflies in this park.


Image: Great view over the Ba Be Lake
Great view over the Ba Be Lake


Staying the Night Near the Ba Be National Park

The Ba Be National Park is relatively small but so diverse that you can easily spend a few days there. There are also various options for overnight stays around the park. There are a few luxury resorts, a lot of smaller Eco lodges, and more primitive accommodations. For more info about sleeping in Vietnam, you can look at this page about overnight stays in Vietnam.


How to Get There

The Ba Be National Park is approximately 250 kilometers from Hanoi. The easiest way is to book a tour from Hanoi.


To the Ba Be National Park by Bus

You can also get there by bus. From the Gia Lam bus station in Hanoi, you can take the bus to Cho Ra. This costs around 150,000 Dong ($6.45) and takes 6 hours. You’ll spend the night in Chao Ra and take the boat to Ba Be National Park the next morning.


For more information on routes and prices to the Ba Be National Park, you can check here!


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