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Vietnam – Guide to Backpacking in Vietnam

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Backpacking in Vietnam; it is undoubtedly on many people’s “to-do” list. It’s a wonderful way to explore the country. You can visit beautiful coastal towns, atmospheric cities, mountainous areas full of beautiful valleys and jungles. Not to mention places like Ha Long Bay which is one of the most beautiful places in Asia, and a population that is incredibly hospitable. All of this makes backpacking in Vietnam an unforgettable experience.


Traveling around Vietnam with nothing but your backpack gives you a lot of freedom. You can make your own schedule so that you are free from the constrictions of an organized tour. Vietnam is a fascinating destination. Are you planning on backpacking through Vietnam? Then keep reading this page to receive tips on:


Your Own Schedule

Backpacking in Vietnam offers the freedom to make your own schedule. This is also the biggest reason for people to go backpacking in general; you don’t have to depend on anyone. Vietnam is perfect for backpackers. The transportation options are pretty good by Asian standards and the people there are open and friendly. Certainly, if you enjoy adventures and straying off the beaten path as a backpacker, you will find out that Vietnam barely knew tourists long ago.


Backpacking in Vietnam with beautiful rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai
Backpack trip in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam


Our Experience With Backpacking in Vietnam

We had our best experience in Vietnam somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We had to stop driving our scooters because it was getting dark. The only “hotel” we found did have free rooms available but did not understand that we wanted one for the night. Nobody spoke a word of English. And yet we have made friends, laughed, ate delicious food, and we have never forgotten the place. That is the true Vietnam.


Whether you are looking for the atmosphere of Hoi An, the countless beaches, green rice terraces, the Buddhist temples or encounters in the most remote areas; it’s all possible when you’re backpacking in Vietnam.


Bia Hoi

A nice experience in Vietnam is to drink a draft beer (known as Bia Hoi in Vietnam) with the locals. Beer is extremely cheap and it’s super cozy at these little places in the side streets. The locals here are always in for a chat. You can recognize these places by the small plastic seats in front of the door. Older people are usually playing games at the door.


Freedom and Versatility

Backpacking in Vietnam is a wonderful way to discover the country. Backpacking is especially popular among young people. Fortunately, more and more elderly people know how to find and travel the country as a backpacker. Backpacking in Vietnam is also feasible for many people due to favorable prices.


Everyone has a different purpose when they go backpacking in Vietnam. One thing is certain; during your adventures in Vietnam the freedom you experience is wonderful! The versatility of Vietnam and friendly locals are important factors in choosing this country.


TIP – We recommend renting a scooter in Vietnam and then travel through the country, provided you prepare yourself well in advance! This way you can experience the Vietnamese culture as the locals do in their daily lives.


Young traveler backpacking in Vietnam at old quarter in Hanoi
Traveling in the old quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam


Vietnam Budget

It’s possible to get through a day for US $35- $40. This includes; an overnight stay in hostels (private room), eating outside the door in normal restaurants, visiting a place of interest and some grocery shopping.


It can, of course, also get more expensive if you want to stay in more expensive hotels and want to eat in 3-star restaurants. The budget that you need for a backpacking trip through Vietnam is, therefore, different for everyone.


We always recommend taking some cash with you. American Dollars are easily available at airports and you can pay with them in some places in Vietnam.


TIP – You can read more about this on our Budget for Vietnam page.


Staying in Various Vietnamese Cities

The favorite option in terms of overnight accommodation for backpackers is almost always a hostel. A hostel is a cheaper, and usually, a smaller version of a hotel. One of the advantages of a hostel is that the rooms are cheaper while the service and quality are not always less. The hostels also have dorms, rooms where you are all sleeping together. In a dorm, you have to share the showers and toilets. Dorms are by far the cheapest way to spend the night.


However, the biggest advantage of a hostel is that you meet other travelers, because it is a popular accommodation among travelers. You can already spend the night in Vietnam for less than $11 a night. Looking for the best options in terms of accommodation?


TIP – View our tips on overnight stays in Vietnam here!


Woman Sailing into the sunset. Tam Coc,  North of Vietnam.
Sailing into the sunset. Tam Coc, North of Vietnam.


Cheap Flight Tickets to Vietnam

People usually book a flight to Vietnam a few months before they leave. Nowadays there are many websites on the internet to book a flight to Vietnam yourself. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the most chosen destinations.


Both of these world cities have international airports. From here there are also good connections to the rest of (South-East) Asia. There are some small tricks that you can apply for a cheap ticket to Vietnam.


Vietnam Highlights

Vietnam is a country where you can actually find everything. From beautiful beaches on tropical islands to deep jungles and huge cities. Whatever you are looking for on your backpack trip; Vietnam has it! The people are energetic, friendly and open. There is so much to see and do that you can easily stay here for a few weeks. It is one of the most fascinating destinations in South East Asia. It won’t come as a surprise that more and more tourists come to Vietnam every year.


Between the cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, our favorite cities in Asia, there are so many beautiful things awaiting you. The interior regions are full of green forests with waterfalls. Consider the rice fields of Sapa or Mai Chau. In the south, there’s the impressive Mekong Delta.


And oh yes, there’s also the 3,260 kilometers of coastline. And did we mention Ha Long Bay?


Scenic view of azure water and karst islands in the Ha Long Bay
Scenic view of the azure water in Ha Long Bay


Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Since Vietnam is 1,600 kilometers long, it has many different climate zones, although it is always 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. If you do not like rain and do not want to experience extreme rain showers you should visit Vietnam between December and May.


The best time to travel to Vietnam are the months of November to April.


Those months have the least chance of rain showers, but the climate of Vietnam is suitable for traveling all year round.


TIP – You can find more info on the page best time to visit Vietnam.


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