North Sea in China

Beihai – A Beautiful Destination in China

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Beihai has been named as one of the five most beautiful holiday destinations in China. And rightly so because with its vast sea, long sandy beaches, islands, lakes and forested mountains, Beihai is a unique place in China. Silver Beach is what people mean, one of the best and most beautiful beaches in China.


About Beihai

Beihai is located in southwestern China in the province of Guangxi. The beaches here are often seen as the counterpart to the beaches on Hainan. The biggest advantage is that Beihai as a city has a little more atmosphere than most towns and villages on Hainan. The city is charming, over 2000 years old, and is full of beautiful architecture.


Beihai also means the North Sea and is not only popular with travelers but also with the Chinese themselves. Silver Beach is mentioned by many as the “most beautiful beach in the world”. Although that is somewhat exaggerated, Silver Beach is certainly a gem and a wonderful getaway from the busy city life. And although most come here for a few days of relaxing on the beach, the city with its old streets is certainly a must-see.


China Silver Beach sunset
It can get quite busy here during a beautiful sunset


Silver Beach

Silver Beach is tagged by Chinese holiday magazines as the most beautiful beach in the world. This is somewhat exaggerated but this beautiful white beach of almost 2 kilometers (about 1.25 miles) long is definitely amazing. The name Silver Beach comes from the fact that the water reflects the sun rays. Silver Beach has a pleasant water temperature and clean/clear water where no sharks swim.


Silver Beach is not the only beach here. It actually consists of three parts; Silver Beach, Beihai Beach Park, and Qiaogang Beach. Together these beaches form a coastline of about 24 kilometers (14.9 miles) where there are plenty of activities to do. In combination with the many villas, bungalows, and restaurants, it is indeed a popular and beautiful holiday resort.


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