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Ben Tre – A Hidden Pearl in The Mekong Delta

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The Mekong Delta is one of the most visited regions in Vietnam. Where most travelers go to My Tho, the picturesque Ben Tre has the most beautiful surroundings. It has long had an isolated existence due to its location in the Mekong Delta. The construction of a bridge between My Tho and Ben Tre makes it a lot easier to reach. This hasn’t led to a massive flow of tourists yet. This is a beautifully situated village where tranquility prevails.


A Picturesque Town

The town lies in a picturesque location on the waterfront with traditional old buildings. The town is great to explore on foot because Ben Tre is not that big. The reason people go here is for the environment. Boat trips are very popular here and can be arranged everywhere.


Another reason to travel to Ben Tre is because of the population. The people here live as the island exudes; calm and relaxed. It is particularly known for the fruit trees and especially the Keo Dua, which means coconut candy. Many local women earn their money by making these sweets. Making these sweets is quite a chore and worth a visit.


Boat on the mekong river

A very beautiful and relaxing experience to sail through the Mekong Delta


What to See and Do in Ben Tre

There isn’t much to do in Ben Tre itself. In addition to watching the daily life of the local population, the environment itself is the biggest attraction here. This is a world of difference with the busy My Tho which is only one island away.


The best way to explore the area is by bicycle, which you can rent anywhere. Everywhere you will find unpaved country roads along the water and especially the way of life of the population is special to see.


Bridge over Ham Luong River in Ben Tre at night

The bridge can even look pretty spectacular at night!


If you want to see more of the region it is best to book a boat trip along the coast. The area that you sail through is one of the most beautiful in the Mekong Delta so make sure your camera is charged. We highly recommend watching the sunrise or sunset from a boat on the Mekong. A unique experience! You can book boat trips at the Tourist Office in Ben Tre or at your hostel/hotel.


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