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China – Complete Travel Information Guide

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China is one of the most searched countries on Google. It is very important to get the right travel information before heading to China, whether you are traveling for business or go on a personal holiday. Above all, you will have to prepare for your trip well. China is not a land of palm trees, hammocks on the beach, and parties until the late hours on the coast. Although it may not have the tropical beaches of Malaysia, it has beautiful cultural sights and nature.


Whether you’re looking for ancient culture or metropolises with modern skyscrapers, the combination of old and new makes China an endlessly fascinating destination. Due to rapid developments, China is becoming easier to reach. However, before you travel to China, it is good to know a number of things, such as;


Backpacking in China

China will not be at the top of many people’s ‘places to backpack’ list. Yet it is a great country for backpacking! The distances are large but the transportation options are endless! In addition, the country has an incredible amount to offer with spectacular nature, booming cities, and lots of cultural highlights. The big advantage of backpacking in China is that you have all the freedom to really get to know the country.


It even has 45 sights or nature reserves that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Its age-old culture combined with modern skyscrapers and beautiful nature makes China such an endlessly fascinating destination. Backpacking in China gives you the ultimate freedom to view all this beauty at your own pace!


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Hiking through snowy mountains in China
You can hike through beautiful snowy mountains as well


Best Time to Visit China

Like the rest of Asia, China can be visited all year round. Temperatures are almost always pleasant and the summers are nine out of ten times very warm. China has many different climate zones, which makes it difficult to determine what the best time to visit China is. You can assume that the summers in most parts of China can be very hot. Certainly in the large, busy cities, it is very stuffy. Winters, on the other hand, can be quite chilly, especially in the interior regions.


Average temperature and rainfall in North China
Average temperature and rainfall in North China


Average temperature and rainfall in South China
Average temperature and rainfall in South China


Average temperature and rainfall in East China
Average temperature and rainfall in East China


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Budget for China

Like many Asian countries, life in China is cheap. Prices for overnight stays and delicious food are quite low. Do not expect the same prices as in Thailand or Vietnam; China is a bit more expensive. You can assume that East China is more expensive than in West China.


(South) East China has larger, famous cities and your budget will have to be larger here than if you want to visit the interior regions. Count on around US$50 a day as a budget. It can be cheaper if you travel on a really low budget.


View from hotel of buildings and lake in Shanghai
If you want to have a great view from your hotel you will have to pay a bit more


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China Visa

Most people need a visa to visit China. Most opt ​​for a tourist visa. Unfortunately, some countries have more difficulties applying for a China visa than others. You can arrange your China visa at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) or apply in other ways;


  • At the Chinese embassy
  • Online
  • Apply for a visa from another country


TIP – Are you looking for more information about the visa requirements and application process? Then check out our China Visa page.


Required Vaccinations for China

Getting sick is one of the worst things while traveling. Unfortunately, we speak from experience. A hospital visit in Beijing is no fun! If you go to China there are no compulsory vaccinations, but there are a few that are recommended such as DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis A + B. We recommend that you vaccinate against this. It is often insured by your insurance.


TIP – More information can be found on our China vaccinations page.


Chinese Food and Drinks

Because China is a large country, Chinese food is also very varied. This is partly due to the fact that China has many climatic areas, which means that different types of food are available. In addition, the country has many inhabitants and many cultures, each with their own dishes. You cannot really speak of one specific kitchen in China.


Drinks are available in all shapes and sizes in China. Due to globalization, you can easily get Cola, Fanta or Heineken beer. Most supermarkets sell “Western” drinks. You will also find lots of iced tea and typical sweet Asian drinks in supermarkets.


Bowl of noodles with vegetables and egg
A delicious bowl of noodles we got in Yunnan


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Transportation in China

There is a lot to say about transportation in China. Not because there are many means of transport, but because the country is many times larger than in other countries in Asia. There is a big difference in China between transport in the cities and inland. Which transportation you prefer, depends on your timetable and budget. The fastest and easiest ways to travel are the trains, the plane, and the bus.


Sightseeing train in Guangzhou, China
Some train rides will give you a really nice view


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