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China – Our Tips on Backpacking in this Versatile Country

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China will not be at the top of many people’s ‘places to backpack’ list. Yet it is a great country for backpacking! The distances are large but the transportation options are endless! In addition, the country has an incredible amount to offer with spectacular nature, booming cities, and lots of cultural highlights. The big advantage of backpacking in China is that you have all the freedom to really get to know the country.


Backpacking in China

China is a great country. It is more than crowded cities and their 24/7 life. The nature in the interior regions of China is of unparalleled beauty and the traditional villages are a world of difference with the China that everyone “knows”. China even has tropical islands off the coast! China also has beautiful cultural sights.


It even has 45 sights or nature reserves that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Its age-old culture combined with modern skyscrapers with a 24/7 economy and beautiful nature make China such an endlessly fascinating destination. Backpacking in China gives you the ultimate freedom to view all this beauty at your own pace!


Hiking through snowy mountains in China
You can hike through beautiful snowy mountains as well


Best time to visit China

China has many different climate zones, which makes it difficult to determine the best time to visit China. You can assume that the summers in most parts of China can be very hot. Certainly in the large, busy cities it is very stuffy. Winters, on the other hand, can be quite chilly, especially in the interior regions.


The north and northwest of China has a continental climate. This means extremely cold winters but also wonderful summers where the temperature can sometimes rise to 40 degrees Celsius (104°F). There are many beautiful highlights in the north that are worth visiting. The south of China is more what you expect from Asia; there is a subtropical climate here. The temperatures are pleasant here and in the winter months it rarely gets colder than 10 degrees Celsius (50°F).

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Backpackers hiking through China
Young couple on a hike, a great way to spend time together


Spending the night in China

If you go backpacking through China you will also have to think about staying the night. Most backpackers choose hostels or guesthouses. However, a hotel is also an option if you are just looking for a little more luxury. You can choose to arrange all of this at home. You will then have to make a schedule where you will sleep and when. This way you can already arrange your accommodations from home. The best thing about backpacking, however, is freedom and adventure.


The fact that you do not know where you will sleep the next day is wonderful! Looking for a place to sleep on the spot is much more fun! There are plenty of options for overnight stays in China. Whether you are looking for a budget hostel or a good hotel, you will always find it. And despite the sometimes anti-social population, there are always people who want to help you!

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