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China – Required Vaccinations & Recommendations

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When you travel to China, good preparation is important. That is always the case when you travel, but a trip through China is a bit different; the culture, people, nature, religion, everything about China is (very) different than we are used to. Proper preparation for your holiday in China is important to prevent unpleasant surprises. One aspect of proper preparation is taking a look at the vaccinations you need for China.


You don’t want to visit all the highlights and run the risk of getting infected, causing your schedule to fall apart. We have made an overview of the most important vaccinations that you require for China. This is general advice, for more specific information we would like to refer you to your local health community center, doctor or pharmacy.


TIP – No vaccinations are required for a trip to China. Read below to find out the recommended vaccinations.


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Recommended Vaccinations for China

The fact that you don’t need any vaccinations to travel to China does not mean that you do not have to vaccinate against viruses at all. A few vaccinations are recommended for traveling to China. These are the following:

  • DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio);
  • Hepatitis A + B;
  • Rabies;
  • MMR (only if you have not had measles from measles vaccination);
  • Typhoid


Yellow fever is only mandatory if you have been to a yellow fever country 7 days before entering China.


Malaria in China

Keep in mind that certain small areas in China do have mosquitoes that carry malaria. These are mainly the areas around Yunnan. The use of malaria tablets (Malarone or Lariam) is highly recommended if you visit this region. In parts around Hong Kong and Shanghai, anti-mosquito spray is sufficient.


Mosquitoes are especially active in the evening, at night and in the early morning. If you wear long sleeves and long pants, the chance of infection is smaller. Moreover, the use of a mosquito net and DEET (in moderation) is recommended.


China Malaria Map
China Malaria Map. Source.


  • Purple – Malaria tablets are recommended.
  • Gray – No malaria, use mosquito spray or a net if needed.


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