Wooden Dhoni boat on crystal clear blue sea

Dhoni Boat Trips – Cruise Along the Islands of the Maldives

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Cruise along the world’s most beautiful islands, undiscovered beaches where you can visit small fishing villages and where you can swim, dive and snorkel among the most beautiful coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. A boat cruise with the Dhoni fishing boats is an absolute must during your visit to the Maldives.


Dhoni Boat Trip in the Maldives

During your cruise in a traditional Dhoni you will sail along white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and all with a clear blue sky above you and the tropical islands with the palm trees always in sight.


The turquoise lagoons and the perfect beaches make the Maldives famous worldwide and a boat trip along these islands is an impressive way to explore everything. You can go with fishermen to dive among the coral in search of fish. During the tour you have various options for swimming and taking pictures of the fairytale environment.


Dhoni boats waiting to enter the water
One of the famous Dhoni boats waiting to enter the water


Dhoni Boat Tours in the Maldives

There are various tour operators who offer a Dhoni boat trip. When booking you also have the choice between multiple tours. There are one-day boat trips or trips of up to a week. If you have the time for a few days, we definitely recommend this.


The area is so incredibly beautiful that a multi-day cruise is definitely recommended. You will not only see the better known or “larger” islands and life there, but also the smaller islands where few people live. You even come across tropical paradises where no people live at all!


One of the nicest things is sailing around the different atolls. Atolls are mountains under water and every now and then show themselves a bit above the water. It’s an incredible spectacle from Mother Nature.


You sail approximately three to four hours a day. There is often snorkel gear on board the boats to be able to snorkel along the way. You can easily book a boat trip on Malé, the largest island of the Maldives. Of course the resorts also offer boat cruises.


View of tropical island from the front of a dhoni boat
A great view from the front of a Dhoni Boat


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