Hotel Tip in Bukit Lawang: Sam’s Bungalows

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Are you planning a jungle trek in Sumatra and looking for a nice hotel in Bukit Lawang? Sam’s Bungalows is a very nice guesthouse. You sleep in beautiful rooms, the food is tasty and you can easily arrange a jungle trek. In this article, you can read about our experiences with this guesthouse in Bukit Lawang. We stayed at Sam’s Bungalows during our 17-day backpacking trip through Sumatra.


Bukit Lawang Hotel: Sam’s Bungalows

Sam’s Bungalows is located at the very tip of Bukit Lawang. Right on the water and on the edge of the jungle. We are warmly welcomed in the guesthouse and are allowed to order food and drinks at any time of the day despite Ramadan. Very pleasant after the long journey from Medan. Another nice thing: the manager of Sam’s Bungalows gave us useful tips for the rest of our trip. He advises us about traveling in Sumatra and has tips for other guesthouses on the island. The people in the guesthouse are very helpful: when our credit card was refused, one of us drove on the back of the bike to the nearest ATM. Very nice to have such kind people around you.


Sam's Bungalows - Houses next to each other in the jungle


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The Room

We slept in a bamboo hut on stilts, high between the treetops and the screaming monkeys. We have an outdoor shower and a balcony from where we have unobstructed views of the jungle.


The house itself is basic, with gaps between the wooden planks, a cold shower, and a toilet that you have to flush with a bucket of water. But that does not matter, because the bed is soft and outside on the balcony, there is a hammock where you can dream away. In addition, there is an excellent mosquito net which helped us close our eyes with confidence every evening.


Sam's Bungalows - Room With Hammock on the Balcony



Sam’s Bungalows consists of a number of huts and a restaurant. The restaurant is located on the water, and you have great beautiful views throughout the day. We didn’t even bother to eat at another guesthouse or restaurant, because Sam’s food was perfect. Not only was it very tasty, but it also looked very nice. Highly recommended, even if you sleep elsewhere in Bukit Lawang.


In terms of facilities: Breakfast is not included in the room price, there is Wi-Fi, you can arrange jungle treks, pay with credit card (if it works) and because the guesthouse is located before a river bend, you can take a dip in the cold river water. And if you prefer not to drive to Bukit Lawang by public transport, they can pick you up from the airport in Medan.


Sam's Bungalows - Basket with Indonesian Food and a glass of tea



The fact that we enjoyed Bukit Lawang so much also has to do with our relaxed guesthouse. We could sit there with a book, a beer or a pack of cards. We had an amazingly delicious meal, the staff was so kind, fun, hospitable, and helpful, more than we have encountered anywhere else on our entire trip.


River running through the jungle at Bukit Lawang


Practical Information

We paid 250,000 IDR (which comes to around US$16.85) per night for our cabin with Sam. Because the internet does not always cooperate, it is best to call them for a reservation. You can also book a room through In the low season, we were able to arrange a place by phone a few hours before arrival in Bukit Lawang.


Sam’s Bungalows
Leuser National Park
Bukit Lawang
+62 813 7009 3597
Check out Sam’s Bungalows on


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