Huangshan Mountain View

Huangshan – The Most Beautiful Mountain Range in China

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Huangshan is also called the Yellow Mountains. It is located in the east of China and is one of the largest sights in the country. It is said that once you have seen the peaks of Huangshan you will never want to climb another mountain again. Although that may be a bit exaggerated, the view here is spectacular!


About Huangshan

The area consists of immense rocks and bamboo forests and guarantees a beautiful photo. That it is a special mountain is evident from the fact that everywhere you look you will find painters and artists who are hiding under umbrellas and in thick coats. Yet it is not just tourists and artists who come here.


Emperors and other leaders used to come here and Huangshan is considered sacred in China. Every Chinese, and there are many, wants to see the peaks of Huangshan at least once in their life. The consequence of this is that you are never alone on Huangshan. A noisy crowd of mainly Chinese will chase you everywhere. But don’t let this put you off because if you take a turn somewhere and the magical landscape appears, all those Chinese people are forgotten. The trees that lie on an isolated rocky platform or the rocks that protrude above the green landscape provide an unforgettable experience.


View from a mountain peak over green forests and far away hills
Beautiful view from Huangshan mountain


What is there to see?

It will not go unnoticed that the landscape here is one of the most special in all of China. Together with the Jiuzhaigou National Park, it is a popular place for Chinese and foreign travelers. Its origin dates back some 100 million years when rocks were pushed up from the sea. The special shape of the mountains is due to the formation of water and glaciers.


Together with centuries-old forests, this has made it a well-known highlight today. With the peculiarly shaped granite rocks, forests, hot springs, winter snow and views of the clouds from the top, this is entirely justified. It is not for nothing that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Sunset over the mountain peaks at Huangshan
You can watch beautiful sunsets here


Huangshan Tops

This place is best-known for its many peaks. Some are even more than 1,000 meters (3280 feet) high! The three highest and most important peaks are the Lotus Peak (1,864 meters, 6115 feet), Bright Summit Peak (1,840 meters, 6037 feet) and Celestial Peak, also known as the Capital of Heaven Peak (1,829 meters, 6000 feet).


The mountain peaks provide spectacular views and it is also called the Sea of ​​Clouds or Huangshan Sea because of the view of the clouds. In addition, the sunrise is a must-see for many here due to the special light effects. A sunrise in this beautiful place is also called Buddha’s Light.


Location of Huangshan

Google Map of Huang Shan, China

Click the image to view the location in Google Maps!


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