Panorama View of Kelor Island and Flores Island in Indonesia


Indonesia, the country of so many different cultures, people, animals, plants, art and food that it looks like you are in 100 countries at the same time. The country extends 5,000 kilometers along the equator, making it a hugely versatile country. The country has 17,508 islands of which around 6,000 are inhabited, but all differ in nature, culture and inhabitants.


Why You Have to Visit Indonesia

More than 7 million foreigners visit Indonesia every year. And rightly so; Indonesia is really beautiful. It has 55,000 Kilometers of beautiful beaches, more than 17,000 islands, the most beautiful diving and snorkeling locations in the world, dense rain forests, countless volcanoes and a wide range of flora and fauna.


In addition to the beaches, islands and seas, Indonesia has a huge number of mountains and volcanoes. The most famous volcanoes that you can visit are Gunung Agung, Bromo volcano and the Gunung Rinjani.


The area where most of the volcanoes are is also called the “Ring of Fire”. If you are not a nature lover (which is almost unthinkable in Indonesia), the country has many traditions and cultural attractions.

Indonesia Visa in Passport

Indonesia – Visa Requirements For Tourists

Before you pack your bag or suitcase and leave for Indonesia, it is advisable to check whether you need a visa. One of the easiest ways is the tourism purpose only visa. Passport holders from 170 jurisdictions can travel through Indonesia for 30 days without a visa. We created a world map with visa requirements

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IDR bills used for the Indonesia Budget

The Cost of Traveling in Indonesia

The costs of traveling in Indonesia are not very high. Travelers can see and do a lot for just $30 a day. The price level is comparable with, for example, Thailand or countries such as Guatemala if you want to look for it outside of Asia. Are you going to travel or vacation to Indonesia

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Best Time to Visit Indonesia for Good Weather

The Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Whether you go to Bali for a week or want to visit all the islands of Indonesia for a year, you will want to have the nicest weather. It is a huge country which means the weather is not that easy to predict. The high season in Indonesia falls in the months of April to

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Traditional Indonesian Boat Arriving in Paradise - Banyak Islands

All Means of Transport in Indonesia

Because of the many islands that Indonesia has, you will need to use various means of transport during your journey. It takes some time to travel between different islands. The way you travel depends largely on your budget and preferences. Because the country is so huge and some islands are far apart, traveling is different

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Highlights of Indonesia

Unfortunately, most travelers don’t have the time to see the whole of Indonesia because the country is very large! The Borobudur is one of the most beautiful temples in Asia, the Komodo lizards are only found in Indonesia and the diving and snorkeling locations are among the most beautiful in the world.


The country is so big that it looks like you are in a continent instead of a country. For most travelers it is not a good idea to visit all the highlights of Indonesia during one trip.


Even if you travel around here for a year, there will still be places that you cannot visit. But that is also the charm of the country.


Sightseeing in Indonesia

Do you have a minute? There is so much to see here! You can relax on the beaches of Bali or surf on Sumbawa, take walks through the jungle of Sumatra or enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Prambanan.


What highlights do you want to see during your vacation? The only thing we can do is to list the most beautiful, fun and special highlights of Indonesia.

Bali Indonesia – Bali For Beginners

Bali is the westernmost island of the small Sunda Islands and belongs to the country of Indonesia. It houses four million inhabitants on 5600 km². Denpasar is the capital of Bali and the largest city on the island with nearly half a million inhabitants. Before 1958 that honor went to the city of Sinaraja.  

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Bali Temple Complex near a Lake

Bali Island Guide – Things to Do in Bali

Bali, Indonesia. Almost every traveler comes to this popular Indonesian island once in their lifetime. The island is an absolute hotspot in Southeast Asia: a surf and yoga mecca. Bali has perfect diving spots, a hip digital nomad scene, is a culinary party and has a lot to offer culturally. Almost no one leaves Bali

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Bali Indonesia – Where to Stay in Bali

There is really only one real city on Bali; the capital Denpasar. In addition, there are a lot of small tourist places that are more like a chain of villages and kampungs. All these options make it difficult to choose where to stay in Bali. Many of these places have no more than a few

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Best Beaches in Indonesia to Add to Your Bucket List

With a coastline of 55,000 kilometers, Indonesia has the second largest coastline in the world. In addition, the country also has 17,508 islands. So are you looking for beautiful beaches? Then Indonesia is the right place to visit. The best beaches in Indonesia range from tropical deserted beaches to the tourist beaches in Bali and

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Our Tips For Traveling in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is visited by many people. Because it consists of so many islands, it is a bit different to travel here. Where in Thailand you can book a bus or train on every corner of the street, that is a bit different in Indonesia. This makes traveling through the country challenging. We have a number of tips for you.


  • Do you like beautiful islands? In addition to the well-known islands, check out the Derawan islands, Karimunjawa or Raja Ampat!
  • Rent a scooter on (smaller) islands. It is the easiest and most fun way to explore large parts and it gives you a lot of freedom.
  • Do you prefer to climb mountains? Then the Gunung Rinjani or Kerinci volcanoes are very good options.
  • Love surfing? Indonesia is perhaps the best country in the world to catch a wave. Not Bali but Sumbawa is THE destination for surfing.
  • Always make sure you have cash with you. American Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah. There are enough areas where ATMs do not work or are not present at all.
  • Respect the customs that apply in the country.