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Japan Travel Information – Read This Before Planning Your Trip

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Japan, the land of the traveling sun, the Samurai, the delicious sushi, sake and the famous sumo wrestlers. Everyone in the world seems to know something about this country. But as soon as you land, it is as if you are on another planet. Prepare for a journey you’ll never forget in a multifaceted country where modern cities are interspersed with quiet, traditional villages! Where centuries-old traditions persist but where technology is of paramount importance.


Travel Information for Japan

In addition, the friendly and open people will make your trip through Japan one to remember! What many people do not know is that the country consists of no less than 6,852 islands. And although most people know Japan because of its unique and impressive culture, nature in Japan is just as impressive. The country has wonderful highlights that captivate every traveler. Do you want to be well prepared? Then keep reading on for all information about Japan that you need to know before going there.


Backpacking in Japan

Backpacking in Japan. This will not be at the top of everyone’s list. Yet it is a very nice and suitable country for backpacking. It is only slightly more expensive than in Southeast Asia. Fortunately, the government has been investing a great deal in tourism in recent years. For example, prices for airline tickets and places of interest have been reduced. Fortunately, because Japan has much more to offer than people think.


Japan excels in a unique culture. And in combination with the fairytale beautiful nature, your backpack trip in Japan will become a true adventure in Japan. Yet you still see few backpackers in Japan. The remote location of the country in combination with the higher prices keep backpackers at a distance.



Japan is not immediately known for it, but did you know that they have many beautiful beaches in Japan? It takes some effort to get there, but once you get there, you quickly forget that long journey. View them here!


Fuji in the background

Visiting Mount Fuji is a must during your visit to Japan


Best Time to Visit Japan

In terms of weather, it is best to visit Japan in April, May or August. In these months it is the warmest and in the months of March and April, you also have the spring with the famous cherry blossoms that bloom. These are also called Sakura. All Japanese are then under the spell of the hanami, the flower viewing.


There are not only many Japanese people but also many tourists. It is not the hottest during these months. The mid-season is the months of June and July and September to December.


TIP – You can find more information about the weather and the best time to visit Japan on this page.


Setting a Budget for a trip to Japan

A budget is always personal. Where one wants to sleep in dorms for $15 a night, the other likes to sleep in luxury resorts where you pay at least $300 a night. The same applies to food. Japan is a lot more expensive than Southeast Asia and if you keep a normal budget you will soon lose around $60 per person per day in Japan. For the same amount of money, you can spend the night in a hostel, make your own food, travel from A to B and visit one of the many highlights of the city you’re in.


TIP – If you want to know more about budgets and pricing you can look at this page.


Sensoji in Kyoto Japan

Kyoto (Sensoji Temple), one of the most beautiful cities in Japan


Visa Information for Japan

You don’t always need a visa for a stay in Japan. Most travelers arrive in Tokyo where you can get a 90-day visa (check your country), provided the following is in order;

  • You have a passport that is valid during the stay;
  • You have a return ticket or a ticket to the next destination;
  • You are in possession of the required documents for your next destination;
  • You are in possession of documents proving the purpose of the trip.


TIP – You can find more information on getting, or checking if you need a Japanese Visa here.


Food and Drinks in Japan

In Japan, food is very important. And not so much the food itself but the whole happening around it and how the food is presented. Even at home, the Japanese always make a spectacle of it. They also say that the Chinese eat with their tongue and the Japanese eat with their eyes.


Hot food in Japan is mainly based on rice and fish. This is not a lack of creativity but because no meat has been eaten in Japan for a long time. They did not kill animals before. They instead ate a lot of rice and lots of fish such as tuna, cod, trout, crab, mackerel, squid, oyster, salmon, sea bass, sole, squid, and shrimp.


TIP – You can find more info about this on the page foods and drinks in Japan.


Required Vaccinations for Japan

If you are collecting travel information about Japan you will also end up with vaccinations. But we can be brief about that. You don’t need any special vaccinations when you travel to Japan. It is recommended to get vaccinated against MMR but this is not mandatory.


TIP – More information can be found on the Japan vaccinations page.


Transportation in Japan

Transport in Japan is the most professionally arranged of all countries in Asia. There are few countries where transport runs as efficiently and on time as in Japan. You can travel anywhere in Japan. You can travel by train, bus, plane, minivans, boat or metro.


It is all possible. The train is the most used option (the Shinkansen).


Shinkansen in Japan

Shinkansen in Japan


TIP – You can find more information about this on our page transport in Japan.


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