Karst mountains landscape near Guilin

Karst Mountains – Tips to Enjoy This Amazing Area

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China is not known to most people because of its beautiful nature. The best-known highlights are the temples in Beijing, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Army. Yet China has a beautiful landscape that many people, unfortunately, forget during their trip through China. The Karst Mountains are such an area. Before you continue reading, we recommend that you search for images of the Karst Mountains on Google. If you have seen these, you might prefer to buy a ticket to China right away and forget about the rest of this article 😉


The Karst Mountains are a huge area and cannot be visited in one day. We recommend that you plan this out well in your schedule if you decide to include it. It is really beautiful! The Karst Mountains are so incredible that you must visit them during your trip through China. The Guilin to Yangshuo region and the Li River are particularly worth a visit.


The Karst Mountains are a breathtaking environment, one of the most beautiful in the country. It consists of limestone and is approximately 360 million years old! Most of the mountains that you find here color beautifully green due to the bushes and trees that grow against it. This gives a fairy-tale-like image which is an unforgettable experience.


Panorama of the Li River and Karst mountains near Yangshuo
Panorama of the Li River and Karst mountains near Yangshuo


Days of Entertainment

Although you can enjoy yourself here for days at the beautiful mountain scenery, the Karst Mountains have much more to offer. For example, you will also find more than 60 caves here. The most important here are the Reed Flute Caves, the Moon Hill, a rock in the shape of the moon, and the Elephant Trunk Hill. Because of the mountains, this region not only attracts many tourists and nature lovers but also many climbers who look for walls to climb onto in this piece of paradise.


Li River

The cruises on the Li River in China are a well-known phenomenon. The environment is reminiscent of the rock formations at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. The Li River is certainly not the largest river in China, but it is located in one of the most beautiful areas. In Yangshuo, you can easily book a tour of this impressive river. In the evening you also have a fireworks show (if the weather permits) which is definitely recommended.


Sunrise view of the Li River by Xingping
Sunrise view of the Li River by Xingping


On our China Highlights page, you will find more information about the possible routes that you can follow through the Karst Mountains. The villages that you visit here are of great value to your journey through China.


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