Image: Clear azure water on Railay Beach

Krabi – 10 Fun Things To Do & The Most Beautiful Beaches

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Krabi is one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand. Located on the coast between limestone rocks, this is one of the most popular places in Thailand. Open a travel guide and the first photo you see is probably taken on Krabi. The town itself is a compact and unique mix of locals, travel agencies, restaurants, and accommodations.


Chances are that you will visit Krabi when you are in Thailand. Therefore, read this page carefully and we will teach you all you need to know about this beautiful place;


Our Experience on Krabi

Krabi will not immediately strike you as one of the beautiful places in Thailand when you first see it; at least, we thought so. However, if you leave the town and explore the area, you will immediately understand why everyone sees Krabi as a “must-see” holiday destination in Thailand.


The limestone that rises from the blue sea, mangroves along the east coast, snow-white beaches, and magical sunsets are very common here. It is quite touristy, but we thought it was not too bad in terms of crowds because there are so many places you can go to.


Image: Beautiful clear water on a beach in Krabi
Beautiful clear water on a beach in Krabi


Not Just Beautiful Beaches on Krabi

And anyone who thinks that you only come here for the beaches (nothing wrong with that) is wrong. In the few times we have been here we have climbed rocks, visited waterfalls, walked through jungles, discovered national parks, and visited temples. The special thing about the province is that you really meet everyone here; backpackers, elderly people, group travelers or locals, everyone seems to want to see this region.


While you would think that all these types of travelers make it a crowded place, it is actually not that bad. Of course, Krabi also has the necessary tourist spots, but it is striking that it has not been affected by mass tourism such as Phuket, for example.


Krabi vs Krabi Town

Krabi is a province in which Krabi Town is located. Krabi Town has lots of accommodations and restaurants, but many people travel straight to the beautiful beaches in the area. You can choose to spend the night in the city and travel to one of the beaches from there.


We found the city itself to be not very special. A number of temples can still be seen in the center of the city. Like many other travelers, we chose to head for the beaches you will find here.


TIP – Boats from Krabi to Ao Nang and Railay Beach do not cost more than 100 Baht (US$3.25).


Image: View of Krabi Town
View of Krabi Town from the mountain


The Most Beautiful Beaches in Krabi

Located in the Andaman Sea (which has a total of 130 islands) there is always a beach nearby. It is, therefore, not only a popular final destination; it is also a “pass-through” for the popular surrounding islands and beaches such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Ao Nang, and Leam Phra Nang (better known as Railay).


The closest beaches are Ao Nang and Railay about a 45-minute drive from the city. Beaches and islands such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta are described separately, check them out in our other articles!


1. Ao Nang Beach

Together with Railay Beach, Ao Nang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, near Krabi. Don’t expect a deserted tropical beach, because you’ll be disappointed; Ao Nang is pretty touristy. But that can be explained by its beautiful surroundings with turquoise water and the limestone rocks that rise from the water.


TIP – Read more about Ao Nang Beach here.


Image: Ao Phra Nang Beach
View of Ao Nang beach from the water, very beautiful!


2. Railay Beach

Looking for the most beautiful beach in Thailand? Then you have to visit Railay Beach. Chances are that you will come across an image of this beach when you search Google on beaches in Thailand. With fairy-tale limestone rocks rising from the turquoise sea, this is a true tropical paradise.


TIP – Read more about Railay Beach here.


Image: Panorama of Railay beach in Krabi province
Panorama of Railay beach in Krabi province


10 Fun Things to Do On & Around Krabi

Many travelers see Krabi as THE place to enjoy the sun, sea, and beach. And although you can certainly do that in Krabi, there is much more to do in this province. In addition to beautiful beaches, Krabi also offers plenty of culture, activities, and festivals.


Almost everyone who came here comes home with envious stories and photos about the limestone rocks, the idyllic islands, and the white sandy beaches. Krabi is large and contains a lot of beautiful things.


Due to efficient transport, there are very few travelers who actually stay in Krabi Town. There is so much to do in the region. Organized day trips depart from Krabi every day to go snorkeling, island hopping, or kayaking, but what are the most beautiful sights on Krabi? Read them below!


1. Island Hopping to Deserted Islands (just do it!)

It is not an original idea and you won’t be the only tourist, but in the Andaman Sea around Krabi, you will find more than 120 islands; one more beautiful than the other. With the famous long-tail boats you can sail over the clear blue sea towards the definition of tropical paradise. Some islands are uninhabited which makes it even more special.


The Krabi Four Islands Tour is a popular island hopping tour that takes you to the famous “Four Islands” of Krabi and Phra Nang Beach. The islands that you visit during this tour are Koh Poda (Turtle Island), Koh Kai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub (Tub Island) and Koh Mor (Mor Island). These picturesque islands have beautiful beaches, emerald green water, snow-white white sandy beaches, and waving palm trees. Everything you expect from a tropical island can be found here.


TIP – For a tour with a long-tail boat you pay 500 baht (US$16.30) p.p. With a speed boat it is 900 baht (US$29.35) p.p.


Koh Kai (Chicken Island) in the Andaman Sea
Koh Kai (Chicken Island) in the Andaman Sea


2. Relax on Picture-Perfect Beaches

It is no secret that Krabi is known for its beautiful beaches. As soon as you set foot on one of the islands, you will be treated to beautiful beaches. But you don’t necessarily have to travel to an island to see them. Moreover; the two most beautiful and famous beaches of Krabi (and perhaps of the whole of Thailand) are a 45-minute boat ride away.


We are, of course, talking about Railay Beach and Ao Nang. These beaches are known throughout Southeast Asia. With limestone rocks in the background and clear blue water, these beaches are a feast for the eyes of every traveler. Keep in mind that it can get a bit crowded during the high season.


3. Visit Koh Lanta

Where the island of Koh Phi Phi and Maya Bay Beach are often in the spotlight, we recommend going to Koh Lanta. This island is a 3-hour boat ride from Krabi. It does not have white beaches like Phi Phi, but the beaches are much larger here and unlike many other islands in the region, Koh Lanta, which is officially called Koh Lanta Yai, is fairly quiet.


It is especially popular with families. The reason for this is that you will not find discos and girly bars on the coast (yet). In addition, local laws prohibit jet skis around this island. So if you are looking for a quiet island, you better go to Koh Lanta!


TIP – You can find more information about this island on our Koh Lanta page.


Beach with a fishing boat on Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta also has many quiet and beautiful beaches


4. Hike to the Top of Hang Nak Mountain

If you have had enough of the beaches, which we cannot imagine, there is still plenty to do. If you like a brisk walk you can hike to the highest point of Krabi. The top of the Hang Nak Mountain is over 450 meters high and offers a spectacular view of Krabi and its surrounding beaches. The two-hour hike is easy to do and the trail is well marked.


It is an outing that everyone can do. Along the way you not only have a beautiful view of the region, but you also come across waterfalls and beautiful plants and flowers. And the big advantage is that you almost have the whole path to yourself because everyone gets stuck on the beaches!


TIP – Go around 9:00 a.m. when it’s still nice and cool. And bring enough water!


Krabi Mountain Range View
View of the other mountains in Krabi


5. Hunt For Great Thai Food

After a long day at the beach relaxing, swimming, snorkeling or kayaking you naturally want to eat something delicious. And if you like tasty fresh fish you’re right at home in Krabi and the surrounding islands. As with all beach destinations, the seafood in Krabi is top class. If you want to give it a try, Seafood Street is a good place, but you can actually get delicious Thai food everywhere.


Somtum and Phad Thai on the beach
Delicious Somtum and Phad Thai with a beautiful view. What more could you want?


Of course, there are also plenty of food stalls to be found in, for example, Krabi Town where you can get the famous street food; cheap, and also very tasty!


6. Enjoy Spectacular Sunsets

If there is a place in Thailand where you can see beautiful sunsets, it is in Krabi. Anyone who has been in this region can confirm this. It is a must if you come to Krabi to linger on the beach one evening to experience the spectacular discoloration of the sky.


Ao Nang Beach is probably the best place to see the sunset. When the sun begins to sink, you can see the sky turning into beautiful colors; the clouds are covered with a warm orange glow and the sea still catches the last shimmering rays of the setting sun. The silhouettes of the long-tail boats are slowly coming into the picture and give it something extra.


Image: Sunset on Ko Hong Island near Krabi.
One of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen! Taken on Ko Hong Island near Krabi.


7. Have Fun with Awesome Activities

There is more to do here than hanging out on the beach and drinking cocktails (although there is nothing wrong with that). Krabi is also a nice destination for those looking for a little more action; you can snorkel and dive very well here. The waters around Koh Phi Phi are especially suitable for snorkeling. It’s possible to get your PADI here or just go for a day of scuba diving.


If you have had enough of the underwater world, you can also get on the water. One of the nicest things to do in Krabi is to rent a kayak and be free to go kayaking wherever you want, including abandoned beaches! In addition, Krabi is known by rock climbers. The limestone rocks here offer enough opportunities for climbers to enjoy themselves.


TIP – A kayak tour will cost you around 500 to 1,500 baht (US $16.30 to $48.90) per person depending on where you are and how long you rent a kayak.


Kayaking in Ao Tha Lane
With a kayak, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want!


8. Feel Like Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay, this is a bit difficult for women, but we are referring to a location here 😉 Even though you have never been to Thailand, chances are that you have seen this beach. Everyone probably knows the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead, filmed on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And where is this beach? It just happens to be Maya Bay Beach on Krabi!


After this beach became famous almost everyone who is in Krabi makes a trip to this beautiful bay. You certainly won’t see a deserted beach, because it is quite busy, but the beauty of the area more than makes up for this!


Aerial View of the Crowded Maya Bay
Aerial view of the crowded Maya Bay


TIP – A tour to Maya Bay in combination with Koh Phi Phi will cost you around 1,300 baht p.p (US$42.40).


9. Visit the Tiger Cave Temple

Yes, you can also visit temples here! One of the best-known temples here is the Tiger Cave Temple. This temple is built on a limestone rock at a height of 600 meters. It will take a while to visit the temple. You have to climb over 1,200 steps before you arrive at the top, however… once you get there, the view and the temple are very spectacular.


Make no mistake; there may be stairs, but it is still a pretty tough climb. The Eiffel Tower has 1,700 steps, so this temple is not far below that. Try to go there early in the morning when it is still somewhat cool.


10. Last But Not Least: Visit Koh Phi Phi!

Koh Phi Phi is the pearl of the area. Together with Oa Nang and Railay Beach, this is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand when it comes to sun, sea, and beach. It is perhaps the most famous island in the country because of its beauty. We have been there several times and every time you discover new beautiful areas.


You can easily go to Koh Phi Phi by boat. Prices depend on the season and the boat you take but count on around 1,000 to 1,500 baht (US$32.60 to $48.90) p.p. for a day trip. There is more than enough to do to stay here for a few days.


TIP – Looking for fun things to do on Koh Phi Phi? Check out all our tips and things to do on Koh Phi Phi here.


View of Phi-Phi island tourist resorts
View of Phi Phi Island


Where to Stay in Krabi

The city itself is not a great highlight in Thailand; it is quite busy and well developed. However, it is a great base for the islands and beaches in the area and the rest of the province. Accommodation is cheaper there than at the beaches. With you can easily and quickly compare the best hotels so that you never miss out. Below are some of our favorite options.


Bliss Resort

Bliss Resort in Krabi

The Bliss Resort is not located in the center but directly on the beach with rooms facing the sea.


Pak-Up Hostel

Pak-Up Hostel in Krabi Town

Pak-Up Hostel is a nice and popular hostel in the city; especially popular with backpackers.


Sweet Home Guesthouse

Sweet Home Guesthouse in Krabi Town

Sweet Home Guesthouse is located in the city center, 15 minutes from Ao Nang.


How to Get to Krabi

The province is a popular region in Thailand. The beaches are seen as the most beautiful in the country. The region attracts more and more people. It is, therefore, easy to reach from most parts of the country. There are a number of options to get here including planes, boats, and buses.


To Krabi by Plane

There is an airport near Krabi. There are several flights a day from Bangkok for less than $25 (takes about 1 hour). In addition, flights also go to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Check the best prices here.


To Krabi by Boat

Almost every beach and island in the area can be reached by boat. Islands such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, but also places like Phuket are very easy to reach and often cost no more than 500 Baht (US$16.25).


To Krabi by Bus

You can easily go to Krabi by bus. Most travelers come from Phuket and a bus ride from here will cost you around 150 Baht (US$4.90). Are you coming from Surat Thani? Then count on 150 Baht (US$4.90). From Hat Yai a ticket will cost about 220 Bath (US$7.15) and from Bangkok between 650 and 950 Baht (US$21.10 to $30.90). Places like Singapore and Malaysia can also be reached.


To Krabi by Minivan

Minivans go to almost all destinations and the prices can vary. Minivans to and from Krabi are easy to book.


Book Transportation Tickets Online

We have booked our tickets online for many places in Asia. 12GoAsia is a very good website to see all current prices and routes for multiple transportation options. Click here for an example from Bangkok to Krabi.


Best Time to Visit Krabi

The best time to visit Krabi is from November to March; there is less rainfall and the temperature is pleasant. This region has a tropical monsoon climate, meaning it can rain heavily from time to time. The most rain falls in the months of September and October. However, these are also the hottest months, although the temperature can also rise in April and May.


Image: Average temperature and rainfall in Krabi
Average temperature and rainfall in Krabi


TIP – The busiest period in Krabi is around the high season, which runs from November to February.


Don’t worry too much about the rainy season. Although it can sometimes storm, the rainy season consists mainly of heavy but short showers that usually make way for the sun afterward.


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