Kuta (Lombok) – 8 Things to Do & Places to Stay

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Kuta is located in the south of Lombok and is a super cozy town with many nice restaurants and a very nice atmosphere. Chances are you’ll never want to leave here after the first day. We have been in Kuta for 3 days to explore the south of Lombok and afterward regretted not staying much longer. From Kuta, you can easily visit the beaches and beautiful places in the area and it is the perfect place to learn to surf. There are also many small parties and life goes a bit slower in Kuta. There is a lot to change because Kuta is becoming more and more popular. So now is the time to go before all the major resorts line the shoreline. Below you will find 8 tips for what you should not miss if you go to Kuta during your trip through Lombok.


1. Eat delicious food at KRNK & El Bazar

These are two restaurants right across from each other with the best food in all of Lombok. Both owners of these restaurants are Dutch and very friendly. El Bazar mainly serves Moroccan dishes and delicious breakfasts with the best cappuccino. Definitely try the mezze platter and the smoked salmon here. KRNK has a western kitchen and serves, among other things, the best burgers and tasty pasta. It is an incredibly hip place where you can also go for a refreshing smoothie. Don’t forget to spoil yourself with their cheesecake or chocolate cake, they are really delicious!


Burgers, fries and corn at KRNK in Kuta, Lombok


2. Surf (or learn how to surf) at Selong Belanak

If you’re looking for great surfing spots on Lombok, then Kuta is the place to be. Especially at Selong Belanak, the waves are ideal for beginners. Selong Belanak is a short drive from Kuta and that is why renting a scooter is a great idea. This is a sandy beach with no coral or stones, and there are plenty of surf teachers out there who want to teach you if you can’t surf yet. Definitely a must-do! If you already know how to surf then Mawi Beach is the place to indulge yourself.


White sand and small waves at Selong Belanak beach


3. Climb the rocks at Pantai Telawas

Pantai Telawas is a very special place. We drove there without knowing what it was. There was no one else at all, which makes it feel like you’re one of the first people to discover this unique piece of nature. The rocks have strange shapes because of the waves that are constantly breaking on them. From the beach, you can climb a long way over the rocks and look for cool viewpoints.


Rocky coastline of Pantai Telawas in Kuta (Lombok)


4. Drink and dance at The Bus

The bus is a Volkswagen van that has been transformed into a cozy bar. There is always a great atmosphere and it is the perfect place to meet other travelers. You can go there for good pizzas, Mexican food, cocktails, and great music. Definitely spend an evening here when you are in Kuta! Later in the evening, you can often find a party here.


The Bus Bar in Kuta, Lombok


5. Spend a relaxing afternoon at Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is a long and wide beach with clear blue water. There are far fewer waves here than on many other beaches in Kuta which makes it perfect for swimming or stand-up paddleboarding. This is perhaps the most beautiful beach in all of Kuta!


White sand and blue sea at Tanjung Aan beach near Kuta on Lombok


6. Look for deserted beaches in the South of Lombok

Lombok has not yet been discovered by mass tourism and there are dozens of deserted beaches that you can have all to yourself. Jump on the scooter and drive west for the most amazing beaches. Tip: Do not skip Pantai Tomang-Omang beach.


Tomang Omang Beach on Lombok


7. Road tripping on a scooter

You’ll see almost everyone driving around on a scooter in Kuta. Because there are many beautiful places for which you have to drive a bit, it is smart to rent a scooter. This way you can see a lot and you have the freedom to go wherever you want. The roads are good and there is not much traffic, so that makes it ideal for road tripping. You can almost always rent a scooter at your hotel or hostel and this will cost you about 50,000 IDR (~ US$3.50) per day.


Rice fields on Lombok Island near Kuta


8. Relax at Ashtari Lounge

From this lounge bar, you have a view over the whole of Kuta. They have an extensive menu and you can completely relax in a nice beanbag.


View from Ashtari Lounge in Kuta


Places to stay in Kuta

Whether you want to stay cheap at a hostel or in a 5-star resort, Kuta has it all. For backpackers, there are 3 super nice hostels: Botchan, The Livingroom Hostel, and Pipes hostel. These are very nice places where you will immediately make new friends. You can even stay the night in a capsule (likes the ones you can find in Tokyo) at the Bamba Capsule Hotel or at the Kaniu Capsule Hotel.


Are you looking for a little more luxury or tranquility? Below you will find two wonderful hotels that we can definitely recommend for a great stay in Kuta! We link to Booking.com because in almost all cases you can cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance.


Kies Villas Lombok in Kuta

Kies Villas Lombok

This is an absolute gem in Kuta. The bungalows and villas are incredibly beautiful and there are a lot of nice places to relax. There are two large swimming pools and they even have underwater music. The outdoor shower is wonderful and the beds are super. If you want to spoil yourself for a few days then this is the perfect place for you!


Price per night:
US$58 Double room

More information

Mana Yoga Retreat in Kuta

Mana Yoga Retreat

Mana Yoga Retreat is a green gem just outside the center of Kuta. There is a beautiful large garden with a large swimming pool and many seating areas where you can relax. The bungalows are beautiful and have a great outdoor bathroom. At Mana Yoga Retreat you can also use the spa, get massages and you can follow yoga classes. So enjoy it to the fullest!


Price per night:
US$19 Dorm | US$50 Double room

More information


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