Lake and mountain range at Gunung Rinjani volcano

Lombok Island – Best Things to Do, Weather & More

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Lombok is a beautiful and quiet island. Many travelers who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Bali end up on Lombok. Lombok is the perfect island for total relaxation. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly and you can eat delicious food. And you will be there in no time from Bali. The connection is perfectly arranged. In addition, the Gili islands on the west coast offer wonderful relaxation.


Akisoto’s Experience on Lombok

Lombok has long been overshadowed by nearby Bali. In recent years, however, more and more travelers have found this pearl. We personally liked Lombok more than Bali. This island is much more open, has more pristine beaches, less traffic and less pollution than Bali.


In our opinion, the south coast of Lombok is one of the most beautiful spots with breathtaking bays and world-class surfing spots. The interior is full of beautiful forests and rice fields. Not to mention the Gunung Rinjani; the eye-catcher on the island.


Lombok is a lot quieter and greener than the famous neighboring island of Bali.


What many people don’t know is that Lombok is almost the same size as Bali, but much quieter and completely different! From volcanoes to idyllic beaches and from rivers and waterfalls to the impressive interior.


Best Things to Do in Lombok

There is plenty to do here. It has an impressive nature so a tour around the island (which is easy to do in a few days) is definitely recommended. In addition, the island has some of the most beautiful beaches and the second-highest volcano in the country.


1. Relax on the Gili islands

Green savanna and clear blue water at the Gili Islands in Indonesia near Lombok


The Gili Islands are located just north of Lombok. This small tropical island group consists of 3 islands and is best known for its great diving opportunities. The water temperature is delightful at 30°C (86°F).


In addition, many hundreds of species of tropical fish can be seen. Sharks are also regularly seen in the water around the Gili Islands.


The largest island of the Gili Islands is Gili Trawangan. This island can be reached from Lombok by speedboat. Gili Trawangan offers most facilities for overnight stays, diving and snorkeling spots, and food and drinks.


You can rent diving equipment or do a snorkeling tour on the island for a cheap price.


TIP – More on the Gili Islands can be found on our Gili Islands page.


2. Visit the Lesser-known Gili Island; Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu Island with aquamarine Water all around it


Are you looking for absolute peace on a lovely tropical island? Then look a little further than the “big 3”. A bit further to the south you’ll find a number of beautiful Gili islands that often contain only one or two resorts.


On Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede, and Gili Asahan you can rest wonderfully because there are often only a few tourists staying on the island. Please note that if you want to visit these smaller Gili islands you have to book in advance because there is limited space.


Lembar and West Sekotong

By boat from Lombok, you can leave from 2 different places: Lembar and West Sekotong (Sekotong Barat). The journey from West Sekotong takes only 15-20 minutes and from Lembar it takes about 40 minutes.


A charter boat (4-6 persons) varies in price but count on IDR 230,000 (around US$15.50) from West Sekotong. More info on our Gili Nanggu page.


3. Climb Gunung Rinjani

Gunung Rinjani Volcano lake during a sunrise


Gunung Rinjani is located in the north. This volcano is located in a national park. It is one of the most famous sights of Indonesia and a must-see (or do) when you are in Lombok. The Gunung Rinjani is the second largest volcano in Indonesia at 3,726 meters.


Trekking on Gunung Rinjani is one of the highlights of many trips to Lombok. This is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia and you need to be in good shape to climb it. Get ready for a tough climb that will take at least a day and a half.


The first stage goes up to the crater rim, where you will spend the night in a tent. Hands down the most beautiful place we’ve ever camped.  For the last stretch to the top of the volcano, you have to get out of bed at 2 a.m. and climb up in pitch dark. The last meters are especially tough, but once you are at the summit you really feel on top of the world.


You can also take a walk through the nature reserve with a guide. It is, of course, much more fun (and more challenging) to make the trip to the top.


4. Visit Kuta on Lombok

Balinese hut on the white sandy Kuta Beach in Lombok


Kuta in Lombok should not be confused with the touristy Kuta in Bali, because there are quite a few differences between the two. Kuta Lombok is much quieter, although you can visit plenty of hotspots here. There is not much to do in the town itself; you can eat all the more.


In Kuta, you will find the best restaurants on the island and plenty of nice bars. You will hardly come across Indonesian dishes, but you can join in for Mexican, a stone oven pizza, and hyper-healthy smoothies. A must if you don’t feel like nasi goreng for an evening.


People come here mainly for fun, great surfing, and beautiful white beaches. After Senggigi, you will find the most accommodations here. In addition, various (day) trips are arranged from Kuta.


This is one of the best places to visit!


5. Explore the Second City; Senggigi

If you come to this island, the resort of Senggigi is definitely worth a visit. Because the whole city has not yet been taken over by mass tourism, you can get to know the authentic Indonesian culture here.


There are numerous restaurants where you can eat delicious local dishes for little money.


Senggigi Beach is also definitely worth a visit. It is delightful to stay on the white sandy beaches because it is often tranquil. At the beach and in the city there are plenty of opportunities to spend the night cheaply in a hostel or guesthouse.


Watch the Sunset on Senggigi Beach

Sunset with orange, purple and pink colors at Senggigi Beach


Senggigi doesn’t have the most beautiful beach in Lombok, but you do have a great view of the sunset. The sky turns from light blue to deep purple and on a clear day, you can even see the Agung volcano in Bali in the distance. One of the nicest places on the beach of Senggigi is the restaurant of the Kila Senggigi Beach Resort.


6. Explore the Beautiful Sembalun Valley

Green and lush Farmlands near Rinjani Volcano


The Sembulan Valley is an impressive piece of nature where you can take beautiful walks. It’s located east of the Gunung Rinjani. Not many people come and that is what makes the Sembulan Valley so much fun.


Hire a guide during a hike because he can tell you a lot about the surrounding nature and the environment. The Sembulan Valley is also a good starting point for climbing the Gunung Rinjani.


TIP – A full-day hike through this valley costs about US$85 p.p.


7. Go Surfing

Ocean waves at Sumbawa in Lombok


Lombok is a perfect island for surfing (for both beginners and experts). The combination with the traditional culture and the delicious food make Lombok an increasingly popular surfing destination. A trip to the surf Valhalla on Sumbawa is also easy to arrange.


In the south of Lombok, you will find several good surf spots such as Gerupuk, Kuta (Selong Belanak is ideal for beginners) and Desert point. Surfing is also popular in Senggigi. In Senggigi, you will even find one of the island’s more famous surf spots.


Because the break here makes perfect waves on both the left and right. From Senggigi, you can also get to Mangsit quite easily, another gem for real surfers.


8. Admire the Waterfalls

Lombok has a beautiful interior. Nature here is breathtakingly beautiful and still largely untouched. You will also find many waterfalls here that are definitely worth a visit. Well-known waterfalls in the north are Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep, and Sendang Gile.


In the central part, you’ll find waterfalls like Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel.


Visit the Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Even if you do not plan to climb Rinjani, it is recommended to visit the volcano. At the foot of the Rinjani, there are two beautiful waterfalls: the Tiu Kelep and the Sendang Gile. During your stay in Senaru, you can see the Tiu Kelep waterfall from afar, but you should definitely take a closer look.


The water comes pouring down from a great height and is a short 20-minute walk from Senaru. For Sedang Gile, you have to put in a little more effort. This waterfall is well hidden in the jungle, about a 45-minute walk from the Tiu Kelep.


TIP – A full-day tour where you visit different waterfalls and the base of Gunung Rinjani costs about US$50 p.p.


9. Be Amazed by Pink Beach

People swimming at Pink Beach at Komodo National Park


There’s a pink beach here. Or so it seems. It is quite touristy, but still worth a visit! It’s a long drive when you come from Lombok, and the fact that the roads are not great does not help at all.


But once you are there you will be rewarded with a special beach. The sand is pink because of the coral that washes ashore here. The view from the nearby viewpoint is also worth it! You will be able to see the cliffs of Tanjung Ringgit.


10. Explore Deserted Beaches in South Lombok

If you are looking for beautiful beaches that you don’t have to share with anyone, then you should be in the south of Lombok. Around Kuta, you will find a number of paradise beaches that, surprisingly, have not yet been discovered by the general public. You can roll out your towel on the powdery sand and snorkel in a bright blue sea.


One of the most beautiful beaches in this area is Tanjung Aan, but especially the beaches to the west of Kuta are hardly visited by anyone.


Tanjung Aan, with its turquoise water and the snow-white sand, is difficult to leave once you’re there. Rent a scooter and find this beautiful beach! You can also climb a rock here. You then have a breathtaking view over the two bays and the beaches of Aan. A must-see!


TIP – It is approximately 25 minutes drive from Kuta. A scooter will cost you between 100,000 and 150,000 IDR (US$6.70 to US$10) per day.


11. Visit the Beautiful Tetebatu

Green, Lush Rice Fields in Tetebatu on Lombok Island


One of the most famous villages in Lombok is Tetebatu. Its popularity has to do with its beautiful location. This picturesque village is surrounded by impressive forests, green rice fields, and wild waterfalls and valleys.


You will find the village at the foot of the Gunung Rinjani. Most travelers come here for hiking in the area.


12. Another Amazing Beach; Mawun Beach

We have already discussed a number of beaches so this is the last one. We promise! Mawun Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Depending on the day of the week and time of day, this beach with its soft white sand and turquoise water is usually pretty quiet.


The beach is secluded and is located west of Kuta in a gated bay, which you can also easily reach by scooter.


TIP – It’s a 20-minute drive with a scooter.


13. Visit Pura Meru Temple

Pura Meru is one of the most impressive Hindu temples in Lombok. The complex was built in 1720 by the order of the then king. The temple is an important place of prayer for Hindu Indonesians but is also very popular among tourists.


The center of the complex consists of three temples in the form of towers. The three buildings symbolize the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These are the three main gods of Hinduism.


They stand for the so-called trinity, also called Trimurti. In addition to the three large towers, there are more than 30 other buildings in the complex. Each building belongs to one of the three gods.


There are a few more highlights in Lombok that are worth mentioning. In addition to the beaches above, you can also go to Sira. Sira is a beautiful beach with white sandy beaches and it’s a great snorkeling spot. And you really shouldn’t miss Senaru and Batu Koq. Two traditional villages near the Gunung Rinjani. In addition, the Sembulan Valley at Rinjani and Sapit, with a view of Sumbawa, is highly recommended.


Rent a Scooter

View of the lush jungle and coastline in Lombok


One of the best things to do in Lombok is to rent a scooter and explore the northwestern part of the island. From Senggigi, you can follow a winding coastal road to the north that passes many beautiful viewpoints and beaches. We recommend putting the scooter aside for a moment and just stare at the horizon. The view of the surrounding beaches is fantastic. If you look closely you can even see the Gili Islands.


We continued to the beach of Pantai Pandanan, one of the most beautiful beaches in West Lombok. The beach is not very wide, but there are a number of spots on the waterfront where you can chill out all day with a cold Bintang by your side.


It is one of the best ways to explore the island. Especially because public transport is unreliable.


The 21-kilometer drive along the coast from Senggigi to Pemenang is particularly beautiful.


In addition, you have total freedom to do whatever you want, without having to wait and stress every time. Lombok is relatively small and can be explored in a day or two. Pay attention to the road, because driving in Indonesia is different from most countries (they drive on the left side of the road).


TIP – Renting a scooter in Kuta or Senggigi costs between 100,000 and 150,000 IDR (around US$6.70 to US$10) per day.


Boat Trip From Lombok to Flores

Balinese Boats Anchored at Gili Rengit


One of the most beautiful trips we’ve made is the boat trip from Lombok to Flores. An absolute must. Nature you encounter along the way is so unbelievably beautiful that you are not sure where to look.


In the evening when the sun goes down, you can drink a beer with other travelers on the deck of the boat and watch the stars. It is an experience you will never forget.


You’ll sail along several islands including the beautiful Laba Island View Point and Komodo Island. In addition, you can snorkel along the way and visit Pink Beach. It is a great tour!


Read more about Pink Beach and other beautiful beaches in Indonesia.



Costs for such a tour differ between 1,500,000 and 1,700,000 IDR (around US$100 to US$114, depending on your negotiation skills). That sounds expensive, but it is for 4 nights including meals (3x per day), 1 large bottle of water + coffee and tea during the day, and snorkeling equipment.


TIP – In our blog post – Boat Trip Lombok to Flores – we have described the entire route including photos, tips, and costs!


Where to Stay in Lombok

The island is not very big. There are a few places on Lombok where most travelers stay. From those places, you can then explore the region. You can also tour and explore the whole island instead of a few sections.


The places where you’ll probably spend most nights are; Senggigi, Kuta, Tetabatu, and the Gili’s. Each place has its own character. Are you looking for a place to sleep? Read our tips below on staying the night in Lombok.


TIP – We stayed in Santai Homestay in Kuta, a beautiful place. However, there are many more beautiful places to stay the night. Check out for more.


How Long Do I Have to Stay in Lombok?

Lombok is not very big and you could theoretically drive around the island in two or three days. But (luckily) no one ever does that. How long do you have to stay to see most of the island? That depends a bit on your own wishes.


If you have two weeks to travel around the island in a relaxed way, it’s possible to see everything, but if you just want to see the main highlights in a few days, that is also possible.


If you want to see all the best highlights on Lombok (see above) you need at least two weeks. You’ll even be able to spend some days at the beach. However, there are few people who stay in Lombok for two weeks because most travel on to Flores, Sumbawa, or Bali.


Most people come to Lombok to climb the Gunung Rinjani (which takes around two to three days) and to spend some days at the beach (Kuta or Gili’s). Therefore, a week is enough to see most of Lombok.


Water buffalos walking on a white sandy beach on Lombok Island
You don’t see this every day 😉


What is the Best Route in Lombok?

In addition to the best tips for traveling in Lombok, we would like to share our best route with you. It is difficult to put together the best route because everyone has different preferences. However, we can share our own experiences about Lombok and the route we have followed. Take a look at our route;


  • Gili Meno – We started on the Gili’s, on Gili Meno to be precise. We stayed here for five days but it was more because one of us was sick :(. Three days is enough.
  • Senggigi – We only stayed one day in Senggigi. We immediately booked a tour to climb the Rinjani. We did the 2 nights, 3 days (2N 3D) tour.
  • Gunung Rinjani – We climbed, walked, and spent time here for a total of two days.
  • Tetebatu – After returning we immediately went to Tetebatu. A place at the foot of the Gunung Rinjani. We stayed here for 2 days.
  • Kuta – Our last stop was Kuta. From Tetebatu we went here to relax for a few days at the beach.


Best Time to Visit Lombok

The best time to visit Lombok in Indonesia is from May to November, in which you have a warm temperature and low to moderate rainfall.


The island has a predominantly tropical climate. This means that it is generally very hot and humid. A good rainstorm can hit you all year round, but the real rain comes between December and March. To keep it as dry as possible during your trip, choose the period from June to October.


The average temperature on Lombok is fairly constant all year round. During the day temperatures often lie between 25°C (77°F) and 30°C (86°F). This means that you can have a sunny holiday all year round in Lombok.


Best Time to Visit Lombok by Month

Lombok has 2 types of climates, namely the tropical rainforest climate and maritime climate. The average climate of Lombok, the monthly temperature, or when most rain or snow falls can be found in the table below. By using this data you’ll be well-prepared for your trip or holiday to Lombok. This average monthly climate data is based on data from the past 30 years.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
29°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 27°C 27°C 27°C 28°C 29°C 29°C 29°C


A holiday to Lombok can be perfectly combined with a stay on other islands in Indonesia. We have been to Sumatra and Java ourselves, but of course, you can also travel to Bali or Flores.


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