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Boat Trip Lombok to Flores – Route, Tips & Info

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We are a big fan of Indonesia. In our opinion, it is one of the most versatile countries in (Southeast) Asia. We have been there a number of times now and the country continues to amaze us every time. The culture in Sulawesi, the beaches of Lombok and Bali, or the nature in Sumatra.. and we have not even talked about Raja Ampat, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


The Impressive Boat Trip From Lombok to Flores

But… one of the best and most impressive tours we have done in Indonesia was the boat trip from Lombok to Flores. If you’ve done a bit of research on traveling in Indonesia, you’ve probably come across this tour somewhere. Since this is one of the most beautiful travel experiences we’ve had so far, we will share our tips about this boat trip from Lombok to Flores.


1. Where to Book the Boat Trip?

You can book this trip in several places. We booked the boat trip from Lombok to Flores in Senggigi, on Lombok. But it is also possible in Kuta (Lombok). These are the most famous places to arrange your boat trip. You can visit the following companies;



On Lombok and in Flores you will find a number of organizations that offer this tour. We chose Wanua Adventure and had a great tour with them. Wanua Adventure is also better regarded as a whole. Especially after the accident with one of the Perama boats.


A few years ago, one of Perama’s boats got into heavy weather. The boat, with its crew, sank. Tourists had to swim for hours in the middle of the night to a deserted island. Tourists and crew members have died here. So keep an eye out on the weather conditions!


TIP – You can also do the boat trip the other way around. From Flores to Lombok! However, it is more likely that you will be in Lombok before Flores.


What does it cost?

That depends on your negotiating skills. We paid 1,300,000 IDR per person. That is around US$87. We also met people who paid US$120 p.p. (midseason). Count on about US$100 to US$130 p.p. It could be a little cheaper. Any price higher than that is too expensive!


View from the top of Kelor Island (Pulau Kelor), near the Komodo National Park


2. What Kind of Boat Do You Sail on?

We have to be honest here. It was a bit of a shock when we got to the boat. In any case, it is not what you expect when you book a boat trip from Lombok to Flores. Don’t expect a cruise ship. It is a rather old wooden boat with no shower or kitchen. Usually, about 20 people fit on the boat, although we set sail with only 13.


Downstairs there’s an area where you can sit, play games, and there’s an open area where you can sit in the evening with a beer. “Upstairs” is where you sleep. There are mats right next to each other and you can only crawl there, awesome! Definitely not luxurious, but you can enjoy yourself on the boat 🙂


Tourist boats at Gili Lawa island with a clear blue sea, Flores


3. The Route You Take

The route you take depends on the tour you book. You have several options ranging from 2 nights to 4 nights. We chose the boat trip Lombok to Flores of 4 days (3 nights). Ask the tour operator which route you take.


TIP – Make sure to agree beforehand what is and what is not included in the price you pay. We have heard stories of people who had to pay an entrance fee for certain things when they had not been told.


Day 1 – Departure Towards Sugian Island

Fortunately, we had perfect weather when we left (and for the rest of the trip). You will be taken by bus from Senggigi to the other side of Lombok. There you get on the boat. You go directly onto the water. The view and the things you encounter are really beautiful. The water was super calm and very clear. In the evening you eat on the boat and enjoy the sunset.


TIP – Beer is not included in the price. You must indicate in advance how many beers you want. You can not arrange this on the boat.


Day 2 – Moyo Island, Waterfall Trek & Satonda Island Snorkeling

It may sound crazy, but it is wonderful to wake up on a boat sailing in the middle of the sea. We have also heard other stories from people who had rougher weather which made it more exciting. The sound of the sea and the total peace (if you wake up early) is very relaxing. Wake up on the deck while enjoying the surroundings! It’s truly a paradise!


First, we went to Moyo Island to a beautiful waterfall. It’s a short 20-minute walk through the jungle to a tucked-away waterfall. Compared to other waterfalls in Southeast Asia, it was nothing special, but still great to see and to take a quick dip. Back on the boat, we continued our way to the island of Satonda, where you can snorkel well and see a crater lake.


TIP – Snorkel gear is available on the boat, but it’s not great. If possible, we recommend bringing your own.


View of Satonda Island through the trees
View of the boat from Satonda Island


Day 3 – Gili Laba, Manta Point & Pink Beach

This was by far the most beautiful day of the trip. We started the day sailing to Gili Laba. Here you can snorkel off the coast, but THE eye-catcher is the Laba View Point.


You have to walk for about 20-30 minutes to the top of Gili Laba Island. It is quite a tough trip, but what you can see from above is really breathtaking. During all our travels we have a few beautiful places like this. The scenery of the surrounding islands, the bizarre blue, and clear water… every drop of sweat from the hike to the top was more than worth it for the pictures.


After the spectacular Laba View Point, we returned to our boat and set a course for Manta Point. Unfortunately, no manta rays were seen. The journey continued to Pink Beach or Red Beach. A beautiful reddish beach created by the coral that washes up here. Here you have the chance to snorkel and relax on the beach.


TIP – Read more about the Gili Islands.


Aerial view of Gili Laba island
Gili Laba Island


Pink Beach at Komodo National Park
Aerial view of the ocean at Pink Beach


Day 4 – Komodo National Park & ​​Rinca Island

On the fourth and last day of the boat trip from Lombok to Flores, you’ll visit to the Komodo National Park. We were looking forward to seeing the Komodo Dragons for real. We arrived at a long jetty and made the short walk to the entrance of the national park. We were told Komodo dragons can smell blood from miles away. Women were even specially warned.


We started our tour through the jungle, hoping to see the famous Komodo Dragon. And with luck because we have seen several. They are really impressive animals. It is actually quite rare to see them on the island.


After the excitement of seeing the Komodo dragons, we continued our journey to Rinca island. Another beautiful island that you should not miss. We say that because some tourists stayed on the boat because they were tired. However, we recommend setting foot on the island.


After Rinca Island we went to our final destination – Labuan Bajo. However, we made a short pit stop for a quick dive and snorkel session on one of the most beautiful islands we’ve seen.


TIP – We snorkeled with small sharks at the last stop. Very small, but cool! So pay close attention underwater.


Komodo Dragon in the Komodo National Park
He’s coming for you 😉


4. Food and Drinks During the Tour

Food and drinks are included on the boat trip from Lombok to Flores. To a certain extent. You don’t have to count on beer, bags of chips, or whiskey. You get three meals every day, and there is almost always enough for another round. Most of the meals are served with soy dishes like tofu or tempeh, a vegetable dish, plain rice (and occasional noodles), and fruit.


They have many cases of drinking water (bottles). In our group, everyone takes a bottle and writes their name on it, so it doesn’t matter if all the bottles are scattered around the boat. There is also unlimited coffee and tea on the boat. Before boarding, you can purchase beer and soft drinks.


TIP – Buy beers, snacks, whiskey – or whatever you want to take with you – in advance. It is much more expensive if you buy it on the boat.


Tourists on the top of Gili Lawa


5. Other Tips For the Boat Trip from Lombok to Flores

There are a few things you should know before booking the boat trip from Lombok to Flores. It is not a luxury cruise and you will have to adjust here and there. With the following tips, you will hopefully be better prepared!


  • Bring snacks – they serve set dishes, but it is useful if you bring your own snacks. Pringles, cookies, peanuts, fruit, etc.
  • Bring a book (or something else) – you’ll sail a lot between the islands and other stops. With a book, game, or music you have something to do during those sailing hours.
  • Sunscreen – needs no explanation 🙂 you are on a boat surrounded by water and wind. Ideal ingredients to burn your skin.
  • Underwater camera – whether it be a GoPro or just a waterproof camera. If you want to take pictures while snorkeling it is indispensable!
  • Shower – there is no shower on the boat. So washing your hair is not possible. Prepare for 4 days of deodorant!
  • Earplugs – the best tip we can give you. The boat makes quite some noise from time to time. That takes some getting used to. Without earplugs, you won’t get a good rest for 3 nights.
  • Waterproof cover for your backpack – your backpack goes in a hold under the boat. It’s kind of waterproof, but not really. Put a cover around it to keep your clothes dry!


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