Maldives – The Best Location For Water Sports in Asia

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If there is one place in Asia where you can do good water sports, then it is in the Maldives. The crystal clear water, the nice water temperature and the beautiful underwater world make this country a paradise for water lovers. You can go sailing, snorkeling, diving, water skiing, kite surfing, sea fishing, and much more. And all in a tropical paradise!


Surfing in the Maldives

You can surf very well in the Maldives. It is a tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean which is in range of the swells in the Southern Ocean. You can take your surfboard on the plane and otherwise you can, of course, rent surfboards.


You will have to travel to some remote atolls, but then you will also come to real surf spots. There are three major surfing zones in the Maldives; Malé Atolls, Central Atolls and Outer Atolls.


Man surfing a big wave in the Maldives
The waves are pretty good here!


Kayaking in the Maldives

You have to be able to float in your kayak at sea in the burning sun, but fair is fair; if there is a place where you can kayak in a stunningly beautiful environment, it is the Maldives.


While you are cruising in your kayak, you will see the seabed pass beneath you because the water is so clear. After putting in some effort into paddling your kayak you can take a refreshing dip in the wonderfully warm water.


Red kayak on white sandy beach
A kayak will give you the freedom to go anywhere you want


Diving and Snorkeling

The diving and snorkeling locations in the Maldives are among the best in the world. The water around the islands is full of beautiful and unique coral and there are hundreds of different types of tropical fish.


You can rent snorkel gear on every island and wherever you go into the water, it will always be a crazy experience. Few places in the world have such diverse and unique coral reefs as the Maldives. You can of course also follow different courses here (even a PADI course).


Green turtle under water
We made a new friend (Green Turtle) under water, although he seemed kind of sceptical 😉


Water/Jet skiing

At the tourist spots you can often jet ski. It is a fun activity if you want to be active on the water. On islands where resorts are located, water activities are often offered, including jet skiing.


If you really want to jet ski but can’t find it, ask for it at your hotel or resort. People will be happy to help you.


Two people on a jet ski in clear blue water
The water is perfect for jet skiing. One of our favorite water sports in the Maldives!


Kite Surfing and Sailing in the Maldives

The Maldives are a great location for people who love wind and water. For kite surfers, the Maldives is a paradise with flat water, constant wind, and wonderful water temperatures. A wetsuit is not necessary here.


You can also sail very well here. Sailing trips between the islands are also offered on different islands, which are unique experiences in itself and a great way to explore the area.


Sailboat in blue water sailing towards an island
Sailing is a great way to explore everything the Maldives has to offer


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