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Quy Nhon – A Small Paradise in Central Vietnam

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Imagine a medium-sized city in Asia with a wonderful beach where you do not stumble over crowds of tourists. Quy Nhon in South Central Vietnam is one of them. Long stretches of beach, beautiful boulevards and fresh fish and shellfish await all visitors who take the time to deviate from the standard routes.


For some it’s a paradise while others prefer a little more tourist facilities. Nevertheless, tourism is slowly getting underway and a small group of expats have also found their way into the city.


Quy Nhon is still largely reliant on fishing, and you can see many of the characteristic fishing boats that you might know from photos taken in Vietnam. Quy Nhon is also a great base to enter the Central Highlands with places like Pleiku and Kon Tum at a relatively small distance.


Fun Things to Do in Quy Nhon

Besides relaxing on the beautiful beaches, strolling along the boulevard and eating fresh fish, there is not much else to do here. But anyone who has a day or two left in their itinerary can have a great time here. What many people don’t know is that Quy Nhon has one of the most beautiful beaches in the region that is named “Bai Ky Co”. You will also find a few sights from the time of the Cham civilization in the region.


Discover Quy Nhon on a Bicycle

Quy Nhon is ideal for exploring by bicycle. The roads are wide and relatively quiet which makes it easy to visit the more distant beaches.


Admire the Thap Doi Towers

Twin Towers from the Cham civilization

The Cham towers of Thap Doi give you a small insight into the time of the Cham civilization. This civilization was very large in the history of Vietnam, but little is left of it. The best-known complex is that of My Son near Hoi An. The Thap Doi complex is very beautiful and is not too far outside the city.


Sandboarding in the Phuong Mai Dunes

If you’ve always wanted to try sandboarding, here’s your chance! The Phuong Mai Dunes are very large and you can have a few hours of fun here (be careful not to get burned by the sun though!). They are located close to Nhon Ly Beach, should be easy to find!


Walk Through Eo Gio (The Windy Pass)

Eo Gio (a.k.a. Windy Pass), is a natural rock formation in the ocean. You can explore this gorgeous rock formation or go swimming nearby. The best time to go exploring here is just before a sunset, so you can see some amazing colors.


Visit Ky Co Island

A Wooden Bridge on Ky Co Island, Qui Nhon

You can find one of the best beaches in Quy Nhon on Ky Co Island (read more below!). It’s easy to get there and guarantees a few hours of fun both in or out of the water.


Visit the Fishing Port

On the north side of Quy Nhon you will find the busiest fishing port. A good time for a visit is early in the morning or at the end of the day to see the fishing boats return. If you want, you can also grill some fish on the spot.


The Best Beaches in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon’s beaches cover a vast stretch of coastline that is no less than 42 kilometers long. Along this coastline, you will find many restaurants where you can eat fresh fish. There are also more and more hotels and resorts along the coastline.


But because the coastline is so long, there are still plenty of places to relax without crowds of people around you. Many travelers visiting the beach for the first time describe it as a small paradise. Here are the best beaches in Quy Nhon:


1. Bai bien

Bai Bien Beach Stretching out over the horizon

Bai Bien is the main beach flanked by a huge boulevard. Kilometers of white-yellow sand and a turquoise sea makes this a wonderful beach for swimming and relaxing. However, it is not the best choice to stay because that honor goes to:


2. Bai Xep

Bai Xep Beach near Quy Nhon

About 12 kilometers south of Quy Nhon is the wonderful Bai Xep. This beach is now on the tourist radar and has developed into a very nice place. This is the place to be. Nice hotels and backpacker hostels give it an atmosphere that you do not often encounter on a Vietnamese beach.


3. Bai Ky Co

Bai Ky Co, one of the best beaches in Quy Nhon, Vietnam

For now this beach is only accessible by boat or on a dirt road. Bai Ky Co is picture-perfect. Ask your hotel to arrange a tour because it is definitely worth it. The water is crystal clear and the beach is beautifully white.


Although there are many tours going there, it is generally very quiet. You can also snorkel during the tour, but don’t expect too much. There are better places in Vietnam for great snorkeling.


4. Queen’s Beach

This rocky, small beach at the foot of Ganh Rang was once a favorite holiday destination of Queen Nam Phuong. There is a cafe and a great view of Quy Nhon.


5. Municipal Beach

This long beach of Quy Nhon extends from the harbor to the hills. It is a beautiful stretch of sand and has been given a major makeover in recent years, making it almost as beautiful as Nha Trang, but with a fraction of the visitors.


Quy Nhon is a Small Paradise

This is partly because it has an impressive nature in addition to the beautiful tropical beaches. One of the reasons why this city is becoming increasingly popular among tourists is the beautiful nature. Especially the diversity of the landscape attracts many nature lovers. In the area surrounding the city, you will find rich overgrown mountains, vast fields, salt plains, lagoons, lakes, rivers, and much more natural beauty.


Image of: Quy Nhon beach in sunrise
We recommend watching a sunrise here, it is very beautiful!


The Best Time to Visit Quy Nhon

The best time to visit Quy Nhon is from January to March. In these months the temperature is around 20°C (68°F) and there’s little chance of rain.


Quy Nhon Average Weather

Quy Nhon is situated in Binh Dinh province between well-known attractions such as Hoi An and Nha Trang. It is an ideal stop to break up the long drive between these places. The climate in this region is very favorable with a relatively short rainy season between September and January.


Because of its location in a sheltered bay, you have a high chance of good weather if the more northerly located Hoi An is plagued by heavy rainfall.


Humidity will be highest from October to December because of warm temperatures and a higher chance of rain. The humidity will be lowest during the months of June to August.


Temperatures can reach as high as 35°C (95°F) from July to August with a yearly average of 31°C (88°F). The temperatures in Quy Nhon are most favorable from October to March.


Avoid the months of September to January if you want to reduce the chance of rain.


How to Get to Quy Nhon

If you want to make room for Quy Nhon during your trip through Vietnam; there are various ways to get to this city. For example, domestic flights from Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City go to the nearby Phu Cat Airport. This flight is often very cheap and can be booked with Vietnam Airlines.


Another way to get to Quy Nhon is by train. Unfortunately, the mainline does not stop here, but it is possible to transfer to the Quy Nhon train station. You can also choose to get off at the Dieu Tri station. This station is approximately 10 kilometers from the city. You can take a taxi for a pretty cheap price from the station to the center of Quy Nhon.


Quy Nhon Accommodation

As you’ve read earlier, the best place to stay on the beach is Bai Xep. Here you will find the nicest places that make a visit to Quy Nhon fantastic. If you prefer to stay around the beach of Bai Bien, there are a number of good hotels in the block around Barbara’s Café.


Bai Xep

The south coast of Qui Nhon city is dotted with beaches. Bai Xep (Xep Beach) is a charming place 10 kilometers (about 6.2 miles) south of the city. Not too long ago this was just a simple fishing village. It is the favorite place for backpackers to stay in Quy Nhon, but for other travelers we also recommend this village more than the city of Quy Nhon.


There are now four accommodation options here that cover all budgets, including two backpacker hostels (Haven Vietnam and Life’s a Beach) and a luxury resort. Expect more to be built soon. The village is still authentic and you feel directly connected to the local life.


Quy Nhon City

Despite the fact that Quy Nhon is not that touristy yet, the city is a must-visit during your Vietnam tour. Hotels are usually located in the heart of the city, close to Quy Nhon beach. They are surrounded by many local restaurants, cafés and shops.


The Best Hotels in Quy Nhon

  • Life’s a Beach: Fantastic place on Bai Xep Beach. It has wonderful bungalows or a dorm for backpackers.
  • Haven Vietnam: A great hostel in a prime location right on the quiet Bai Xep Beach.
  • Life’s a Beach Apartments: The more luxurious variant of the other Life’s a Beach nearby. Nice rooms with an ocean view!
  • Seagull Hotel: Also more luxurious than the hostels. The rooms are modern and the view is amazing.
  • Avani Quy Nhon Resort: The most luxurious option but it’s well worth the money if you got a bit extra to spend. Enjoy a private beach (Bai Dai Beach) in style.


Food & Drinks in Quy Nhon


It surprised us that Quy Nhon was one of the best cities in Vietnam we had dinner at. Given it’s location it will come as no surprise that the seafood here is amazing. If you’re not a seafood lover, don’t worry; there are plenty of local dishes to try out that don’t use fish as the main ingredient.


Bai Xep beach, 12 kilometers (about 7,5 miles) south of Quy Nhon, is where the luxury Avani Resort is located. There are also a number of accommodations on the beach. This area is developing its own small culinary scene.


Big Tree at Haven is popular and serves simple local food and backpackers’ favorites, with views over Bai Xep Beach. There are also local eateries in the fishing village. If you fancy something special, head to Avani Resort’s restaurant, also on Bai Xep.


Quy Nhon Nightlife

Unfortunately, there’s not much going on in Quy Nhon at night. As of now, the Quy Nhon nightlife consists mostly of bars or just locals who have a drink on the beach in the evening.


You can find plenty of bars in hotels around the Bai Xep area. One of the most vibrant bars is located at the Life’s a Beach Backpackers Hostel. If you want a great night out we suggest taking a look there!


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