Railay Beach, gold sand with the Tonsai Tower in the back

Railay Beach – One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Thailand

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Looking for the most beautiful beach in Thailand? Then you have to visit Railay Beach. Chances are that you will come across an image of this beach when you search Google for beaches in Thailand. With fairy-tale like limestone rocks rising from the turquoise sea, this is a true tropical paradise.


World Famous

This famous beach is located on the Railay peninsula and is seen as the most beautiful beach in Thailand, and we agree! Limestone rocks rising from the sea, beautiful sandy beaches, waving palm trees, and wonderfully clear (and warm) water form the perfect environment for a day, week or month of relaxing on the beach!


This beach is located southwest of the famous Krabi and can only be reached by boat, which immediately makes this beach so special; there are no buses full of packed tourists here, although it is certainly not quiet.


Image: Clear azure water on Railay Beach

Beautiful clear and azure water at Railay Beach


Railay Consists of Multiple Beaches

Laem Phra Nang, as it is actually called, is a small island embraced by impenetrable limestone rocks which makes roads to this area impossible. Although known to everyone in Thailand, the peninsula has four beaches, namely Railay West, Railay East, Ao Phra Nang, and Ton Sai.


All of them are beautiful beaches where you can easily spend one or two days.


Railay West

Railay West is located in the west of the island. This is also called Railay Beach and is, therefore, the best-known beach on the peninsula (and all of Thailand). The photos that you encounter on Google and in travel magazines of beautiful beaches with limestone rocks are probably made here.


Railay West beach with clear blue water
The Railay West beach


Here you will also find the most (and most expensive) accommodations.


Railay East

Few people go to this beach since it is not the most beautiful beach of the four. The beach is less beautiful but the atmosphere is great. You will find most budget accommodations and nice, cozy bars and restaurants here.


Panorama of the east Railay beach
Panorama of the East Railay beach


Ao Phra Nang

Ao Phra Nang is located in the south of the peninsula. Together with Railay Beach, Ao Phra Nang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. You can relax here on the beach with a sea view where the typical colored long-tail boats are ready to pick up and throw tourists off.


Clear water and rock formations at Ao Nang Beach

Clear water and rock formations at Ao Nang Beach


Ton Sai

This is the beach for backpackers and climbing enthusiasts. Ton Sai is where most young people come. It is such a place where you plan on staying for a few days and end up staying for weeks. The atmosphere is laid-back, the people are fun, and there is plenty to do!


View of Tonsai Bay and tower
View of Tonsai Bay and tower


How to Get to Railay Beaches

The best way to come here is with a long-tail boat from Ao Nang. Ao Nang is the best-known beach around Krabi and it is not only the easiest way but also one of the nicest; you will sail along beautiful beaches.


So many beautiful things pass by that you don’t know where to look! Ao Nang is the busier beach in this region. Although the crowds sometimes transfer to Railay, there is still a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere here.


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Accommodations in Railay

Although one day enough on one of the beaches should be enough to explore the beach, you can also stay here for several days (or weeks). Accommodations here are quite pricey, especially if you stay at the most famous beach. If you want to visit all of the beaches and are looking for cheap accommodation it is best to stay at Ton Sai or Railay East.



It is not cheap if you compare it with other locations in Thailand. Count on around $45 to $55 per night in the high season if you want to sleep on the beach. There are low-budget options, but if you are here anyway, we recommend that you also spend the night at the beach.


TIP – Check Booking.com for all accommodations and prices in Railay.


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