River Kwai – A Special Location in Thailand

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Perhaps one of the best known areas of Thailand is the area around the River Kwai, west of Bangkok. During the Second World War, thousands of prisoners of war worked here on the Japanese “death line” to continue the invasion of Thailand to Myanmar. Many died during the construction of this railway from malnutrition, tropical diseases or abuse.


The Special River Kwai

Different tours are offered around the river and railway line. It is easy to plan a tour from Bangkok at the start (or the end) of your Thailand trip. You travel by train over part of the notorious railway line, crossing a high, mostly wooden, overpass over the winding River Kwai.


And with a visit to Kanchanaburi to the war museum, cemetery and bridge over the River Kwai, you learn more about the miserable conditions in which the construction of the railway line took place.


Train running across the bridge over the river Kwai
Train running across the bridge over the river Kwai


Things to Do at the River Kwai

The River Kwai is located in the famous Kanchanaburi region where there is a lot to do. That is why we recommend making a multi-day trip to this place. With a long-tail boat you cruise the jungle river and stay on a floating jungle raft.


These are houses built on bamboo rafts on the river. During the day you can swim in the river and in the evening, the rafts are illuminated with oil lamps which give a great atmosphere.


River Kwai Hotel next to Water
There are some great places to relax near the river


Also visit the authentic train market, where stalls around and on a railway line are displayed and collapse as soon as the train passes. Or make your stay extra special by spending the night in a luxury safari tent on the banks of the river.


TIP – Various tours are booked from Kanchanaburi and Bangkok. Take a look at Discover Asia for more information.


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