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Rod Fai Market – An Authentic Experience in Bangkok

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If you have ever been to Bangkok you have undoubtedly heard of the Weekend Market, also known as the Chatuchak market. This is one of the largest markets in the world and a famous landmark in Thailand. However, this market has become quite touristy in recent years. Would you rather go to a somewhat authentic market? Take a look at the Rod Fai Market in Bangkok.


An Authentic Market in Bangkok

The Rod Fai Market, which actually means the Train Market, is located in Bangkok. Not many travelers go to this market. That’s because the Weekend Market is better-known. We also went to the Weekend Market many times, but we definitely noticed that this market is getting busier. It is mainly tourists who walk there.


Someone told us about the Rod Fai Market, an authentic open-air bazaar. They sell some different products here than at the Weekend Market and the market is a lot smaller. That is, however, also the power of this market. If you are looking for an authentic experience in Bangkok, this market is a must! Let us share some of our tips!


Rod Fai Market

The name Rod Fai Market means something like Train Market. Strangely enough, there is no train to explore in the area around the market. There is a particular reason for this. The Rod Fai Market was held at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, next to the train tracks. However, the market was moved when the well-known BTS Skytrain was expanded in 2013.


The market moved about 30 kilometers, but the name remained the same; Rod Fai is still called the Train Market today.


Image of: Traditional Thai style bags and clothing
You can find many stalls with traditional Thai style bags and clothing


What Do They Sell in the Rod Fai Market?

They sell nearly anything, but most of all antiques, clothing, and food. The nice thing about the Rod Fai Market is that you will find things here that you will not find anywhere else in Bangkok or in Thailand. You can buy an old Cadillac here, or vintage leather jackets, chandeliers, and other special things. So it’s not just stuff from Thailand, but from all over the world.


TIP – If you want to decorate your house with some vintage items, this is the place to be.


Thai Food and Drinks

A Thai market always comes with the best food and drinks. Rod Fai Market is also full of food stalls. You will find curries or fish, but also brownies and fresh smoothies. Fancy a snack? No problem, everything is for sale here. The last two rows of the market are devoted to food, but small stalls are scattered throughout the market. You can also have a drink in one of the bars.


Image of: Cooking street food over an open fire
It’s already a great experience just watching them cook the street foods!



Even more than at the Weekend Market in Bangkok, you can find lots of rows of antiques here; cars, vintage items for home decorating, clothing, bags, and much more. Nowhere in Bangkok can you find as many antiques as here. It is truly a paradise for vintage lovers.


How to Get to the Rod Fai Market

Until 2013 this market was next to the Weekend Market until it had to move for the expansion of the BTS Skytrain.


To get there, take the BTS Skytrain and stop at ‘On Nut’. From there you can take a taxi to Seacon Square Shopping Mall or Talad Rod Fai. Most taxi drivers know how to find this. To be sure, have a person from your accommodation write down the name for you in Thai, so you can show it to the taxi driver.


TIP – A taxi from On Nut to the market will cost around 80 to 100 baht (US$2.60 – $3.20).


Opening Hours

The market is open from Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm and remains open until around midnight.


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