White sandy beach and pristine water on Seram Island

Seram Island – Our Tips on this Pristine Island

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Seram is one of the largest islands in the Moluccas. The Moluccans call the island Nusa Ina, which means “mother island”. According to the old folk tales, all Moluccans originally come from this island. Seram was the great surprise of the Moluccas for us. It is one of the largest islands in the region, but still free from any kind of tourism. Seram is known for its beautiful snorkeling and diving locations. Its favorable location in the Moluccas is teeming with sea life.


The Pristine Seram

The island of Seram is 17,148 km in size. It is a beautiful island with unparalleled beautiful, deserted beaches and impressive bays. In the interior region of Seram, you will find the highest mountain in the Moluccas. This mountain (Mount Binaiya) is surrounded by dense forest.


Natural beauty is the main reason to visit Seram.


Few Tourists

Furthermore, there is not much to do on Seram, but that is precisely the strength of the island. They don’t know about tourism here. In fact, there are only a handful of hotels or resorts. They don’t have tours here and you have to plan well if you want to visit this island.


Our Tip – Check out our route through the Moluccas (incl. Seram).


Beach on Seram Island in the Moluccas
One of the beautiful beaches on Seram island


4 Fun Things to Do on Seram

Seram is big, but there is no form of tourism here. It is not like Bali where you come across a tour operator on every street corner. You can go here on your own, but that is a challenge.


For example, there are few or no accommodations to be found on Seram. But this does not mean there is nothing else to do on this pristine island.


1. Ora Beach Resort

If you are looking for the best and (by far) the most beautiful place to stay, visit the Ora Beach Resort. This beautiful location in the north of Seram allows you to enjoy this pristine island to the fullest.


Staying there is not cheap, but you really get a piece of paradise in return!


Here you can kayak, explore the surrounding bays, snorkel, and of course just relax on the beach. There is also a viewpoint, so you can look out over this beautiful bay in the north of Seram.


Ora Beach Resort on Seram in the Moluccas
Ora Resort on Seram


Our Tip – You can book a stay at the wonderful Ora Beach Resort here.


2. Climb Mount Binaiya

Mount Binaiya is the highest mountain in the Moluccas. However, at 3,027 meters, it is quite a climb. The mountain is surrounded by a very dense jungle. This makes climbing Mount Binaiya a real task.


The climb takes between five and eight days and can be arranged locally.


Our Tip – Don’t forget to request a permit as well. This can be done at the office of the Manusela National Park.


Dense green jungle on Seram island
The jungle is very dense


3. Discover the Underwater World of Seram

The Moluccas is known for its beautiful diving and snorkeling locations. Due to the supply of nutrients from the Pacific, the Moluccas are known as a breeding room for fish. It is not surprising that the underwater world is very diverse.


For example, there are plenty of coral reefs around Seram. You can also spot many dolphins and whales here, who call the sea around this island their home.


Palau Koon

A well-known dive site next to Seram is Palau Koon. This location is also called “too many fish” because of the overwhelming number of fish that swim around.


4. Enjoy Sawai Bay

Sawai Bay is located in the north of Seram. This beautiful wide bay is truly a piece of paradise in the Moluccas. The steep cliffs are covered in dense jungle. It almost feels like walking around Jurassic Park instead of the Moluccas.


At the bottom of these steep cliffs, you can snorkel very nicely. Because of the crystal clear water and an abundance of underwater life, this is really a must-do when you go to this bay.


The sunsets are also a magical experience, viewed from the white sandy beaches.


Sawai Bay on Seram Island
View of Sawai Bay


Where to Stay on Seram

Seram is not exactly a tourist island. In fact, we have not seen any other tourist in our time here. It is logical that there are almost no accommodations on the island. And the accommodations that can be found there will often not be of the best quality.


We really only recommend one to stay on the island and that is the Ora Beach Resort.


Wooden jetty over azure water at the Ora Beach Resort in Seram
Ora Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in all of the Moluccas


How to Get to Ora Beach Resort

The only way to get here is by boat. You sail from the port in Ambon (Tulehu) to the port on Seram (Amahai). A ticket costs between 120,000 (~ US$8) and 260,000 IDR (~ US$17.60, VIP class) and the boat takes several hours.


You can book tickets at the port (on the day itself). You can also contact Maluku Resort and Spa. They own Ora Beach Resort and will arrange all transportation for you.


How to Get to the Island

As described above, there is only one way to get to the island and this is by boat. These depart from Tulahu daily at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. On Sundays, there is an additional ferry service at 11:00 a.m.


The boats back to Tulahu from Amahai leave at 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.


Our Tip – The crossing takes approximately 2.5 hours in total and costs 115,000 IDR (~ US$7.80) for economy class and 260,000 IDR (~ US$17.60) for the VIP Deck.


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