Roads on Old Silk Road, between China and India

Silk Road – An Important Connection Between the East & West

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Many travelers are looking for the best and most beautiful routes through Asia. They are looking for unknown places and unique experiences. There are countless options and routes that you can follow, but if you are looking for a unique experience, the Silk Road is a great option.


A unique road

The Silk Road is one of the oldest and best-known network of routes in Asia although it is often skipped by travelers. The route is an age-old trade connection between Asia (China) and Europe (Turkey).


Chart of the silk road in Asia and Europe


The Silk Road

Europeans were crazy about silk and it was traded in large numbers from Asia to Europe. The route is more than 8,000 kilometers (4970 miles) long and runs through various countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and China. For centuries, from classical antiquity to the late Middle Ages, this network of routes was the most important connection between the east and west. The heyday of the Silk Road is now behind us due to the rising popularity of shipping and the Great Wall of China.


Can you still follow it?

Today, the route is still an impressive and unforgettable journey through much of Asia. It is not a journey for novice travelers as you will encounter some challenges here and there. In addition, planning your trip on the Silk Road is essential. Points such as visas, transportation, and costs must be thought out well in advance.


For those looking for adventure and a unique journey, the Silk Road is a good option. Along the way you will pass beautiful landscapes and unique cultures. It may be a bit too fanatic to cover the entire route (unless you have a lot of time). You can also travel part of the route, starting from Europe or Asia.


Part of the Silk Road between China and India
Part of the Silk Route between China and India


Tour along the Silk Road

There are people who travel along the Silk Road without a travel organization. And although we normally think that this is the best way to travel, it is not recommended for everyone. There is so much that you have to arrange and pay attention to that an organized trip is better in this case. There are a number of organizations that offer tours.


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