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Sri Lanka – Different Ways of Spending the Night Here

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When it comes to spending the night in Sri Lanka, you have several options. Accommodations here are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you spend the night in Colombo or in a cabin on the beach; there is always room in a hostel, hotel or guesthouse. Nowadays, most accommodations can be booked online, but even if you don’t book anything, there is always something available. We have made an overview with the best options in terms of spending the night in Sri Lanka, making a distinction between hotels, hostels, and guesthouses.


Sri Lanka Accommodation

Types of accommodation in Sri Lanka can be as crazy as you want. Travelers who like comfort can spend the night in beautiful resorts or four star hotels for US$220 per night.


Travelers traveling on a low budget can go to hotels and guesthouses for less than US$5. The precise costs in regards to spending the night in Sri Lanka are difficult to specify, this depends on your wishes when traveling.


A tip that we give all travelers is to book the first night after arrival in advance. Often you had a long journey, and you have heavy suitcases or backpacks with you. In this case it would be nice not to have to search for a hotel or hostel.


TIP – For online booking of hostels, guesthouses, and hotels you can take a look at We have used this website many times for our travels and had great experiences.


Hotels and buildings near a lake with a forest
No matter where you stay, when you go outside you will have a beautiful view (like here in Kandy City)!


Sri Lanka Hotels

Even the “hardcore” backpacker sometimes stays in a hotel. And there is nothing at all wrong with that. A hotel is often more expensive than a hostel, but offers you just that extra bit of luxury or facilities that you miss in low-budget accommodations.


Also the hotels in Sri Lanka have a large variation in price. There are hotels that are comparable to hostels with slightly more facilities, but also luxury hotels where you won’t find a bed for less than US$200. That is why travelers on a tight budget can also easily stay in hotels.


Because although a hotel sounds more expensive than a guesthouse or hostel; the prices in Sri Lanka are still lower than in most of the Western world. In addition, the luxury of a hotel can be a nice change of pace if you have slept in a hostel or guesthouse for weeks.


Sri Lanka Hostels

Probably the most favorite option for backpackers is the hostel. When talking about spending the night in Sri Lanka, hostels are a much-mentioned option. The prices are low, the quality is (usually) good and you also meet many other travelers.


Finding a hostel is not that difficult. Whether you are in Kandy or at an unknown beach, you will always find a hostel there. It is often not necessary to book in advance. If one hostel is full, there is always another that has space. However, if you want to be sure of a hostel, it is advisable to book in advance.


The prices of hostels can vary. You have hostels where you pay US$16 a night but also hostels for less than US$2.50. A lot depends on the place and the season in which you travel. On average you pay around US$5 to $7.


Hills with tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya
View of the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya City


Sri Lanka Guesthouses

Guesthouses are often forgotten when staying in Sri Lanka. That’s a shame because it is one of the nicest ways to spend the night in Sri Lanka. The difference between a hostel and a guesthouse is difficult to determine for many.


Where a hostel is more like a hotel, a guesthouse, as the name suggests, is really a house where you sleep. Often locals have a room that they rent out. The best thing about sleeping in a guesthouse is the contact with the locals. They can often tell you more about a country or region than the best travel guide!


The costs of guesthouses are lower than those of a hostel or hotel. But here too it applies that it depends on the season, the location and the luxury of the guesthouse. You also have guesthouses that are more expensive than hostels but also offer more comfort and facility.


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