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Thailand – All Options for Overnight Stays

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When it comes to spending the night in Thailand, there are several options. You can find accommodations here in all shapes and sizes, with a great range of prices. Whether you are looking for fancy three-star hotels or low budget guesthouses, everything is available in Thailand. There are countless guesthouses, hostels, bungalows, etc. spread all throughout Thailand.


Everything can be booked online. If you want to sleep luxuriously on the beach of Koh Phi Phi, for example, it is wise to book in advance. You can usually spend the night in a cabin in the mountains in the north of Thailand without making reservations.


The choice of accommodations in Thailand is huge; guesthouses, hotels or bungalows. Read our tips below about spending the night in Thailand and booking the right accommodations.


Image of: Drone view of luxury resort on Samui Island
Staying in luxury resorts, like this one on Koh Samui, will drain your budget quickly!


Cost of Overnight Stays in Thailand

Low budget or more luxury? A hotel or a guesthouse? What exactly does it cost to spend the night in Thailand? If you travel on a low budget and sleep in guesthouses, you can spend the night for $6 for a private room. If you can negotiate a little or search in the right places, it might be possible for less.


Obviously, you shouldn’t expect any miracles from these rooms. If you want to sleep a bit more luxuriously in hotels, you can make it as crazy as you want. Hotels in Thailand come in all shapes and sizes.


Make a Reservation For the First Night?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions from novice travelers. Do we have to book a place for the first night or not? We always do this. Especially when we arrive late in the evening or at night, it is nice to have something certain.


Almost all accommodations in Thailand can be arranged on the spot. In practice, however, it is nice not to have to search for accommodation after a 13-hour flight. If you travel to Thailand, chances are that you will arrive in Bangkok so you know where you will stay the first night.  After a long journey, a slightly more luxurious hotel or guesthouse is not a superfluous luxury.


TIP – Check for a variety of options and great offers!


Image of: Old style Thai House
If you’re lucky you might be able to find a beautiful traditional house like this to stay in!


Booking Accommodations in Thailand

With the rise of the internet, booking hotels or guesthouses remotely has become easier. Do you want to be certain of having a room in that romantic hotel on Koh Phangan or book your first night in Thailand in advance? Then booking a room online is the solution. Online booking of accommodations in Thailand is easily done via the internet and is always safe!


Thailand Hotels

Hotels are not always the cheapest option, but a frequently used option among travelers. However, a hotel can often be a great and comfortable option. For example, think of your first night in a hotel after spending many nights in hostels.

Read more about hotels in Thailand here.


Thailand Guesthouses

What is the difference between a hostel and a guesthouse? Often they both mean the same thing, yet there is a difference between a hostel and a guesthouse. A guesthouse is like a house where you can rent a room and sleep. Locals who have rooms left in their home rent them out.

Read more about guesthouses in Thailand here.


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