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Thailand – Overnight Stays in Hotels

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Hotels are not always the cheapest option, but a frequently used option among travelers. A hotel is almost always more expensive than a hostel or guesthouse, but that does not always mean that the quality is better, especially compared to hostels in Thailand. Travelers traveling on a budget are likely to ignore the hotels in Thailand. However, a hotel can often be a great and comfortable option. For example, think of your first night in a hotel after spending many nights in hostels.


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The Luxury of a Hotel in Thailand

Even if you travel on a budget, a hotel can be a great option. Many travelers who travel through or via Thailand book their first night in advance. You could also choose a hostel or guesthouse but after an airplane journey of 13 hours, a nice bed, a hot shower, and a good breakfast is not a luxury.


You can find these in most hotels. In addition, it is not the case that the prices for hotels in Thailand are rising. Often, a hotel is not that much more expensive than a hostel. In addition, a hotel can be wonderful if you have just slept in cheap guesthouses or hostels for a while. Relaxing in a hotel will feel like a small paradise, although it can get quite pricy if you go for resorts like the one in Koh Samui in the picture below 😉


Image of: Drone view of luxury resort on Samui Island
Staying in luxury resorts, like this one on Samui island, will drain your budget quickly!


Booking a Hotel Room in Thailand

There are countless providers on the internet where you can book a Thailand hotel. We’ve had very good experiences with You can search for hotels here and search by city, for example, here are all the hotels in Bangkok. We usually only book our first night after arriving at our destination, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for suitable accommodations.


TIP – If you’re looking for more luxury or if you already have a detailed plan, we recommend booking in advance so you won’t be standing in front of hotels that are fully booked for the night. It also saves you a lot of time in the evening since you won’t have to search for hotels.


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