The beautiful Silver Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Thailand, The Land of Smiles – Travel Information

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All the travel information you need to know about for your trip or vacation in Thailand can be read here at Akisoto. Thailand is also called “The Land of Smiles” and this is thanks to the friendly population of the country. The Thai will always receive you with a smile and are incredibly helpful. The country used to be called Siam until it was changed to Thailand in 1939. The country is known among the Thai population as “Prathet Thai”. Prathet means “land” and Thai means “free”. This means that Thailand can be translated into “free land”.


Thailand’s many highlights such as the unprecedentedly beautiful nature, the incredible locals, and the culture in the country ensures that it will be a journey to remember. However, before you travel to Thailand, it’s good to know a number of things, such as;


Backpacking in Thailand

Backpacking in Thailand is a wonderful way to explore the country. It is especially popular with young people. Backpacking in Thailand is also feasible for many people due to favorable prices. Every year a lot of backpackers travel to Thailand. So you don’t have to worry about traveling alone, you can meet countless people there.


There’s a reason they call Thailand the “backpacking mecca”. The food is fantastic and cheap and transportation is also cheap. Hostels in Thailand are present in large numbers and are (generally) cheap. And perhaps even more important; the flight tickets to Bangkok are getting cheaper. In recent years it has become even more attractive to go backpacking in Thailand.


Image of: Green rice fields in Chiang Mai
The rainy season is perfect to take a walk among the green rice fields (picture taken in Chiang Mai)


Best Time to Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand can be divided into the high season, low season and mid-season. These seasons do not differ so much in terms of weather but also in terms of crowds and prices of accommodation or highlights, for example. Consider well in advance in which season you want to travel. There is also a difference in travel time for the north, south and central part of Thailand.


Average temperature and rainfall in the North of Thailand

Average Weather in North Thailand


Average temperature and rainfall in the Central Region of Thailand

Average Weather in Central Thailand


Average temperature and rainfall in the South of Thailand

Average Weather in South Thailand


TIP – For more information about the best time to travel to Thailand, please refer to our information page about travel times for all regions in Thailand.


Managing Your Budget for Your Trip to Thailand

Everyone has different wishes and setting a budget for Thailand is, therefore, something personal. Our experience is that with $35-40 a day, you can make a good living in Thailand. This includes an overnight stay in hostels (private room), eating outside the door in normal restaurants, visiting a highlight in Thailand, and transportation costs.


You often read that it can also be cheaper if you sleep in dorms, travel only with local transport, and make your own dinner. This is possible but not really realistic because everyone takes the VIP bus or eats in a more expensive restaurant every now and then.


TIP – More information about managing your budget for Thailand can be found on our budget for Thailand page.


Image of: Drone view of luxury resort on Samui Island
Staying in luxury resorts, like this one on Samui island, will drain your budget quickly!


Thailand Visa Requirements

If you stay in Thailand for less than 30 days you will automatically (and for free) get a visa at the airport. You will receive the correct forms at the airport that you must fill in. Fill them in immediately because this will save you long queues. Entering Thailand by land will grant you a 30-day visa (it used to be 14-days but it changed in 2017!)


TIP – More information on visa requirements for Thailand can be found on this page. You will be able to view a map which tells you exactly which visa you can get.


Thailand Vaccinations

Getting sick is one of the worst things while traveling. Unfortunately, we speak from experience. If you go to Thailand there are no compulsory vaccinations, but there are a few that are recommended such as DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio) and Hepatitis A + B. We recommend that you vaccinate against this. It is often insured by your insurance (check it just in case).


TIP – View our page about vaccinations for Thailand.


Thai Food and Drinks

Thailand is a paradise for lovers of good food. Just like faith, eating and drinking is an important part of life in Thailand. The big advantage is that the food in Thailand is cheap. You can buy the tastiest food for a few dollars.


Contrary to what many people think, Thailand has a varied kitchen. There are many different tribes living in Thailand who all bring their own dishes and traditions.


TIP – You can read more about Thai food and drinks on our food and beverages in Thailand page.


Image of: Pad Thai in a restaurant
We highly recommend trying one of the most famous dishes in Thailand; Pad Thai


Transportation in Thailand

The way you travel can have a major impact on your journey. For example, domestic flights are a great option if you have less time. Only you see less of the country. In our opinion, traveling with a moped is the best way to travel, but it also takes a lot of time.


Make sure to keep your time and budget in mind when you choose your means of transportation in Thailand.



You can also plan your entire trip online via 12GoAsia. A super handy website where you can easily check all prices and possible routes online. Here’s an example of routes from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.


TIP – View our Transport in Thailand page for more information about all the different means of transport in Thailand.


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