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The 10 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

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Japan is famous for being expensive, especially Tokyo. That does not mean that you cannot get great value for your money. I don’t have an unlimited amount of money, and neither do you. What we probably have in common is that we both want to get the most out of our journey. We want to sleep in a cheap, but good quality, place. One of the traditional and trending means of accommodation is the Japanese capsule hotel. We have stayed at many capsule Hotels in Tokyo and we have made a list of the best ones for you to try.


Never heard of it? You pay for your bed in a capsule hotel, just like in a hostel, but your bed is in a capsule. A curtain hangs in front of the entrance to your capsule. Often the capsules are stacked three high. You can think of it as a kind of bunk bed, but with just a little more privacy.


Capsule hotels in Tokyo have a large bathtub, just like in a ryokan, often including a sauna. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a typical Japanese experience. Oh, and capsule hotels are definitely not suitable for couples. There is relatively little privacy, so the ladies and gentlemen sleep separately. Many modern capsule hotels have a men’s and women’s section. There are also hotels for men only or for women only.


Here are the Top 10 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo.


10. Night 1980 Tokyo Hotel

1 Night 1980 Capsule Hotel in Tokyo As you can see, the principle is that of a dormitory with bunk beds but with just a little more privacy. The mattresses in Tokyo 1 Night 1980 Capsule Hotel have not been on the beds since 1980. 1980 refers to the price per capsule per night. At its opening in 2011 this was, you guessed it, ¥1,980 (US$18).


Over the years, inflation and a VAT increase in Tokyo have slightly pushed up the price. They didn’t feel the need to change their name with every price increase though!


This capsule hotel in Tokyo is famous for the great hygiene, cleanliness, and friendliness of the staff. It includes both a women’s and men’s department.


9. Tokyo Ariake BAY HOTEL

Tokyo Ariake Bay Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

This capsule hotel is located near the Odaiba area, a recently developed island in the bay of Tokyo. This is one of the entertainment and shopping areas of the metropolis.


The Tokyo Ariake BAY Capsule Hotel is also praised for hygiene, cleanliness, and friendly staff. The ladies are getting a slightly better deal here; the capsules intended exclusively for women contain air conditioning and those of the men don’t.


8. First Cabin Shinbashi Atagoyama

First Cabin Shinbashi Atagoyama capsule hotel in Tokyo

The First Cabin chain in Tokyo has upgraded the standard capsule. They have made the capsules larger so that you also see a small piece of the floor next to your bed. It’s different from the hotel capsules that you see elsewhere in Tokyo; it’s more like a small cabin. Now, you also immediately understand how they got their name.


First Cabin Atagoyama is located on the east side of the center of Tokyo. To the north is Tokyo Station at just a 10 minutes’ walk and to the south, you see Tokyo Tower. The Yamanote line stops at Shimbashi station just around the corner. The location is very nice and central.


You are all welcome here! Half of the capsule hotel is designed for the boys. The girls sleep in the other half. Despite the more spacious cabins here, you won’t be able to stay in one cabin as a couple.


7. First Cabin Akasaka

First Cabin Akasaka, A capsule hotel in Tokyo

This one also belongs to the First Cabin capsule hotels. What is immediately noticeable is that the cabins are actually identical to those above. You will find a high degree of standardization at the First Cabin capsule hotel chain in Tokyo. It’s great because then you know what to expect. And let’s be honest, you don’t sleep in a capsule hotel for its luxury.


First Cabin Akasaka is located in the middle of the ring of the Yamanote line; the heart of Tokyo. Three metro stations can be reached within a few minutes, so you can go either way. This capsule hotel in Tokyo is a great base to explore the city.


6. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya (Female Only)

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya, a female only capsule hotel in Tokyo

Men, you can skip this one. Only girls are allowed in here. It’s a pity because the Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya in Tokyo looks modern and has an excellent rating. But yes, the sexes are separated in capsule hotels for a number of good reasons. Until a few years ago, capsule hotels were exclusively for men.


Japanese businessmen in Tokyo who, after an evening of working overtime, drank too much and could not find their way home, were the main customers. Japanese women are catching up. Now, they too work overtime and drink everyone under the table.


5. First Cabin Tsukiji

First Cabin Tsukiji in Tokyo

Yes, Tokyo has another First Cabin capsule hotel on the list. You can imagine that the extra space that you get at First Cabin scores well. Inside there is hardly any difference here with the earlier First Cabin hotels.


This hotel is around the corner from the old location of the Tsukiji Fish Market. The Kabuki Theater and the expensive shopping streets of Ginza are just around the corner. Location-wise it’s one of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo that you can find.


4. Tokyo Ekimae BAY HOTEL

Tokyo Ekimae BAY Capsule Hotel

Here’s a look of a capsule of the Tokyo Eikimae BAY HOTEL. It is spacious enough for one person. The sound insulation on the walls dampens almost all the noise so it is surprisingly quiet in these capsules. You just have to twist your body a little to watch television.


This capsule hotel is located in the Nihonbashi district, near Tokyo station. Nihonbashi is known for the many relatively cheap hotels. It’s a great place for the budget-conscious traveler.


3. Nihonbashi Muromachi BAY HOTEL

Nihonbashi Muromachi Bay Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

The Nihonbashi Muromachi BAY HOTEL is located in the Nihonbashi district, a few minutes away from Tokyo Station. In terms of location, it’s just as central as the rest of the capsule hotels in this list. In terms of facilities, this hotel differs little from the rest.


What’s striking is that you get about the same in every capsule hotel: a bed and a bath in a central location. The difference is not so much in the facilities but in hygiene, which is great here. This seems to go hand in hand with the age of the hotel.


2. Centurion Cabin & Spa (Female Only)

Centurion Cabin & Spa, female only capsule hotel in Tokyo

Centurion Cabin & Spa approaches the capsule hotel principle in a slightly-less-standard way. Instead of cubes stacked on top of each other, that might remind you of refrigerators in a mortuary, the designs here opted for something more “Japanese”. The use of a lot of wood in the interior gives this hotel a warm appearance. The interior of this capsule hotel is one of the best we’ve seen in Tokyo so far.


Unfortunately, if you are a guy, you won’t be able to sleep here because this capsule hotel is for women only. The shared bath, which is present in every capsule hotel, has been upgraded to a true spa. Centurion Cabin & Spa is located in the Akasaka district, in the heart of Tokyo.


1. MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae

MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae in Tokyo

Here’s the number 1 capsule hotel on our list! MYSTAYS is a popular chain of affordable, modern capsule hotels. This MyCUBE hotel is the first and, for the time being, the only capsule hotel in the Tokyo chain. It is a concept project with the aim of bringing as much comfort as possible to the capsules. And they succeeded perfectly.


There is no stacking in MyCUBE. The capsules are, therefore, a lot higher. In many capsules, no matter how comfortable, you lie in a plastic cube. The walls in your MyCUBE capsule are finished with wood and other details. This is definitely one of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo!


You won’t find them more comfortable than this. Are you in Tokyo and looking for an affordable place to sleep? Try a capsule hotel!


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