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Tokyo – Best Hotels for the 2021 Olympics

This post was last updated on April 17th, 2020 at 06:10 pm

What are the best places to sleep during the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games? In which neighborhoods do you prefer to stay if the prime locations are already fully booked? Where do you certainly not want to stay during the Olympics? These are probably all questions to which you currently have no answer. We may be able to help you!


Top 10 Hotels in Tokyo for the 2021 Olympic Games

These are the top 10 hotel choices to stay at during the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We have selected them on the basis of facilities but also looked at the location. In these spots, you are close to most competitions!



Top 5 Budget Hotels in Tokyo for the 2021 Olympic Games

Looking for a budget option? Then it’s best to go for a hostel or a capsule hotel. These are available in abundance and often nice and cheap. These are the top 5 based on location and facilities.



Which Areas are the Best to Stay at?

Which areas are most conveniently located for the 2021 Olympic Games? This, of course, depends on which sports you want to visit. Take a look at our competition location map on which all locations of the Olympic competitions can be seen. As you can see, most games take place in Shibuya, Chuo, Shinjuku, Chiyoda and around Odaiba.


Of course, there are also some competitions being held outside the city. What we can recommend are the neighborhoods Minato (very cool area!), Chuo (nice neighborhood and mega central), Ginza (fancy area), Roppongi (party area) or of course Shibuya (party area) and Ueno (the old area of Tokyo). These areas are the perfect base for most Olympic sports and also offer the opportunity to do sightseeing thanks to their central location.


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