Image of: Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Traveling in Japan – Everything You Need to Know

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Traveling in Japan has been popular with many travelers for years. Rightly so. The country is blessed with beautiful nature, unique and centuries-old culture and an incredibly friendly population. The unique culture, in particular, is a real travelers’ trigger. Because of the long period in history that the island was isolated from the western world, a great culture has emerged.


All these points make Japan a top destination. The only downside we could think of is that Japan is a fairly expensive destination. The country is an island, which means that many things have to be imported from the mainland. In addition, the Japanese economy is running at full speed, which makes the country quite expensive.


Traveling in Japan

Fortunately, Japan is perfect for virtually all types of trips that you can make. Everyone travels in a different way and where one wants to be on the beach, the other wants to see and do as much as possible. An organized vacation, a backpacking trip, an organized tour or a self-planned tour, it is all possible. Rent a camper yourself and go road tripping through the country? Also a great option.


Are you going on a vacation in Japan? Then head to Okinawa or Amami Oshima. Would you prefer to see as much nature as possible during your trip? Kamikochi is the place you are looking for. And then we have the culture of Kyoto and the city life of 24/7 bustling Tokyo for the backpackers. You will never be bored in Japan.


Image: Shinjuku crossing in the rain
Shinjuku crossing in the rain


Japan as a Holiday Destination

Japan may not be the first place you think of when looking for a holiday destination. But if you look a little further and longer, you will see that Japan is perhaps the perfect holiday destination. The country is unique in many ways. And that makes it super interesting.


Because transportation in Japan is extremely well organized, a trip is easily arranged. So you can also see some of the beautiful countrysides after you relax on one of their many beaches.


TIP – Our advice? Do you want a carefree holiday and come back well-rested? Then book your holiday with a specialist. Or find a route and look on for hotels along the way. Check out some of our tips on spending your holiday in Japan.


Toji Temple, a historical building and garden in Kyoto, Japan.
Toji Temple, a historical building and garden in Kyoto, Japan.


Backpacking in Japan

Backpackers often live on a lower budget. And Japan may not be the most perfect country for a low budget. Apparently more and more backpackers are looking at Japan as a holiday destination. Perhaps the budget of backpackers is getting bigger. But we think that the country simply has a great attraction to everyone. In addition, it is also fine to travel on a lower budget in Japan.


Backpacking is a popular word among young people and students. Many of them go backpacking for a while during or just after their studies. Japan has become a popular destination due to its mysterious culture. In addition, cities such as Tokyo have a major attraction for younger backpackers.


The Japanese population is very friendly. They are always there for you and will help you wherever possible. This makes it one of the nicer backpacking destinations in Asia.


Image of: View of Mt Fuji through the autumn colored trees

View of Mt Fuji through the autumn colored trees


Organized tours in Japan

An organized tour is perhaps one of the best options for many people. Fact is that transport in Japan is extremely punctual and very well arranged. You may pay a little more, but you know for sure that everything is arranged from A to Z. In addition, many travel organizations can help you with special wishes or unique sights.


A travel specialist often comes to Japan for years. They know every corner of the country and can, therefore, help you perfectly with your wishes and requirements. Another point is that many of the hotels fill up quickly, especially on weekends. A travel company visits hotels and records everything in advance and this way you know for sure that you will sleep in a good hotel.


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