Traveling to Japan – Hotels and Accommodations

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Japan, the land of the rising sun, Samurai, delicious sushi, sake, and the famous sumo wrestlers. Everyone in the world seems to know something about this country. But as soon as you land, it is as if you are on another planet. Prepare for a journey you’ll never forget in a multifaceted country where modern cities are interspersed with quiet, traditional villages! Where centuries-old traditions persist but where technology is of paramount importance. We have made an overview of the best options in terms of overnight costs in Japan. Read them here!


Overnight Costs in Japan

Life in Japan is more expensive than in other countries in Asia. This also means that spending the night in Japan is more expensive. You have many options for overnight stays in Japan. You can choose to sleep in the most luxurious hotels or in low-budget hostels, although low-budget usually means around $20-$25.


For a private room in a hostel in Tokyo during the high season, you will quickly have to pay $30. For an average hotel, you will quickly pay $55 per night. The price/quality ratio of accommodation in Japan is very good. The Japanese attach great importance to hygiene and convenience, and this is evident in the hotels and hostels.


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Image of: Traditional Japanese room with blankets and pillows
We had a great experience sleeping in a traditional Japanese room!


Hotels in Japan

It depends on your wishes if you want to sleep in a hotel. A hotel is, in fact, the most expensive option in terms of accommodation, but it is the one with the best facilities. There are hotels in Japan of all shapes and sizes. A hotel does not have to be very expensive, but they quickly go up to $55 per night.


Of course, they will be cheaper or more expensive depending on the level of luxury you want. The precise costs depend on your own wishes when traveling. You can choose to book your hotel stay in advance. However, this takes away much of the freedom of travel.


Image: Inside view of an empty Japanese capsule hotel
A Japanese Capsule Hotel in Asakusa, Tokyo


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Hostels in Japan

Hostels are the most popular option among backpackers. And although Japan is not the typical backpacker country, there are plenty of hostels at good prices. The quality of a hostel is often inferior to that of a hotel. You will find a hostel everywhere in Japan, even in lesser known places.


What is striking is that the quality of the hostels is particularly good. It is always clean and tidy. You can choose to book your hostel in advance, but that is at the expense of freedom of travel. In addition, there are so many hostels (especially in known places) that there are plenty of options.


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