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Vietnam – Visa Requirements & How to Apply

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Most people traveling to Vietnam are required to apply for a Vietnam visa! You can do this online, at the border or in your country. We recommend arranging your visa online. Nowadays this is very easy and fast and you also prevent unpleasant surprises when you arrive in Vietnam!


Your Visa for Vietnam

Most people come to Vietnam for a trip and opt ​​for a tourist visa. If you stay longer than 30 days you can choose to arrange your visa yourself at your local embassy. However, there are also enough online options to arrange your visa.


Vietnam Visa Requirements & Application Options

There are several options for applying for a visa for Vietnam. These are as follows:

  1. Online through the Vietnamese government.
  2. Via a visa office in your country.
  3. Through the Vietnamese embassy.

We will explain each of these steps in more detail below.


1. Online through the Vietnamese government

Since May 2018 it is possible to arrange your Vietnam visa online yourself without the intervention of other parties. It is fairly easy to apply and you can check the status of your application online.


To apply for a visa in this way, proceed as follows;

  1. Go to this website;
  2. Enter all information as requested on the website;
  3. Pay US $25 and wait 3 business days for approval;
  4. Receive your “registration code” with which you can check and print the status of the approved E-visa via this link.


Step by Step Guide to Obtain an E-Visa (Easiest and Quickest Way)

To help you with the E-Visa process we will give you some tips. This is what the website will look like when you first click on it:


E-Visa explanation page for Vietnam

Here you just have to check the box and click on “Next”. This will bring you to the following page:


E-Visa details page for Vietnam

Most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory. Even though it seems like some fields are required and some are not, we recommend filling in all the fields anyway, just for good measure. Here are some tips for some of the fields you have to fill in:


  • Full Name: use your name as described in your passport (first, middle, and last name).
  • Religion: if you don’t have a religion you can just write “None” in this field.
  • Permanent Residential Address: use your own address.
  • Passport Type: pick Ordinary.
  • Intended length of stay, calculate how many days you will be staying in Vietnam (count the arrival day and departure day as well, even if it a short time)
  • For your entry and exit checkpoint, you have to choose the airport which you will arrive at or departure from. Please Note: Hanoi is called “Noi Bai Int Airport” & Ho Chi Minh is “Tan Son Nhat Int Airport”.


The rest of the fields should be pretty self-explanatory. After finishing you will receive a code. Save it. After waiting for approximately 3 days use the code here and download your visa. There should be a QR Code and the writing will be in English and Vietnamese. Print and bring this document with you and show it to customs after arriving in Vietnam.

We have used this method 2 times in 2018 and it worked flawlessly both times. We recommend this method!


Cost of Your E-Visa

It only recently became possible to apply for your Vietnam visa in this way, but it will only cost you US $25 per E-visa. You can also check the status of the Vietnam visa online.


Stories have recently been reported of scams via foreign websites and not obtaining a visa at the border. The responsibility for the process of the E-visa always lies with the Vietnamese authorities and NOT with Akisoto. If you have any questions about this, you can go to your local Vietnamese embassy.


2. Apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Visa office

Another option is to arrange your visa through an online visa service. This is useful if you do not live in the neighborhood of a Vietnamese embassy and you do not have the opportunity to arrange a visa online. Arranging a visa through an online visa office is usually a bit more expensive. You can arrange it as follows;

  1. Choose a suitable party;
  2. Choose your visa (usually tourist visa);
  3. Go through the step-by-step plan on the website;
  4. Send your passport + form (registered);
  5. Pay for the service.



For this service, you pay more than when you arrange a visa yourself. They usually ask for about $25 for a 30-day single entry visa. In addition, you pay a minimum of $25 upon arrival in Vietnam for the stamp of the immigration office. The total cost is around $50 per visa.


Going to Vietnam by land

Please note that you cannot get a visa at the border in Vietnam if you want to travel overland. If you have already arranged a visa in your respective country, you can, of course, enter the country in this way.


3. Get Your Visa at Your Local Vietnamese Embassy

You can also apply for your visa at the embassy of Vietnam. This will cost a little more, but you are sure that you have your visa before you enter Vietnam.



If you arrange your visa at the embassy you have to pay about $77. You will then receive a visa for 30 days. In general, you will get your visa and passport back the same day.



In addition to arranging some vaccinations, it is important to arrange your Vietnam visa. In some countries, you can do that at the border as well as in your own country. We recommend that you arrange your visa in your own country or choose for the E-Visa as explained above. Nowadays this is easy and fast and you also prevent unpleasant surprises in the destination country!


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