Image of: Wat Arun Temple during sunset in Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun – Temple of the Dawn

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The Wat Arun is an impressive temple on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. The temple owes its name to the Indian god Aruna, the god of dawn. They also call the Wat Arun the “Temple of the Dawn”. Especially during sunset it is an impressive picture.


It is the Temple of Bangkok

A Buddhist temple stood on the site of this temple since the Ayutthaya Empire. The temple was then called the Wat Makok. Only since the Emerald Buddha came to Bangkok did the Wat Arun get the look it now has with the striking 82-meter high prang, a tower in a Khmer style.


Since this is a Buddhist temple, try to wear respectful clothing.


Only if you look closely will you see how detailed the tower really is. It has ornate flower mosaics made from broken Chinese porcelain. Chinese ships passing through the port of Bangkok threw away tons of old porcelain that was used to decorate the temple.


Image of: beautiful ornaments of the Wat Arun Temple
The temple has many beautiful ornaments


Why Visit Wat Arun?

It is a cliché to say that it is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. There are quite a few of them. But together with the Wat Preah Keaw, this is certainly the most beautiful temple. The large prang towers high above the river with statues of warriors on a three-headed elephant.


This large prang is accompanied by four smaller towers. This temple is the most photogenic temples in the city.


In addition to the large prang, the entire temple complex is worth seeing. As soon as you arrive by boat, you will immediately notice the entrance. Two beautifully decorated guards with swords and a frightening look are waiting for you.


In addition to the statues of guards, you will also find statues of lions.


Climbing the Wat Arun

You can climb the big prang at the Wat Arun. The steps are pretty steep and moving up and down is quite tricky. At the top, you will have a view of the Grand Palace and you can see Wat Pho.


Image of: Steps of Wat Arun Temple
The steps near the top are very steep, be careful!


How to Get to Wat Arun

It is not very difficult to get to there. The Wat Arun temple is located on the Chao Phraya river and is easy to reach by boat. At pier N13 (Banglamphu/Tha Phra Arthit) you can buy a ticket for 15 Baht (US$0.50). A boat will then take you to the other side.


A ticket to enter Wat Arun will cost 50 Baht (US$1.60) per person.


You can also take the ferry from Tien Pier. That will cost 3 Baht per person.


Opening Hours

The temple is open every day from 8.30 am to 6 pm.


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