Landscape of Dam Mon coast

Whale Island – Hòn Ông – Waving Palms and White Beaches

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Have you ever dreamt about a beautiful island with white sand and blue water? You might have dreamt about Whale Island (a.k.a. Hòn Ông Island)! On this small island, you will find waving palms, white beaches, a beautiful blue sea, and above all tranquility. It is a unique place! Whale Island is approximately 80 kilometers from Nha Trang. The island owes its name to the whales that you can spot here.


The Beautiful Whale Island

It is a 2 to 2.5-hour drive from Nha Trang to the pier from where the boat to Whale Island departs. The boat will take you to this mini island in about 15 to 20 minutes.


While it is particularly busy in Nha Trang, this island is a source of tranquility. The surroundings, with wonderful white beaches and a beautiful sea, contribute to the true “tropical island” feeling.


Maldives of Vietnam

It is also called the Maldives of Vietnam by many people. And the Maldives is really very beautiful! With its deep, clear blue waters you can perfectly dive and snorkel here.


The landscape underwater is just as beautiful as above water. You will encounter all kinds of underwater sea life. From beautiful coral to seahorses and fish in the most special colors.


Dam Mon coast on whale island

Beautiful landscape of tropical sea in Dam Mon beach


Damaged Coral

Like many areas in Asia, the sea here is damaged by dynamite fishing. A lot of coral was lost because of this. Fortunately, the government sees the usefulness of nature and after much lobbying, this area is now protected. This has led to the recovery of the coral.


You will also find about 170 species of tropical fish here. It can rightly be called a tropical island. Jacques Cousteau is said to have discovered his love of diving here.


TIP – You can spot whale sharks at Whale Island. A super cool experience!


Beautiful Beaches

It doesn’t matter where you are on this beautiful island. You will find beautiful beaches everywhere. After snorkeling or diving, you can relax in hammocks between the palm trees with a cocktail.


You can eat fresh fish in one of the attractive restaurants and enjoy a romantic sunset. Even if you don’t like diving, you can do enough here. You can rent boats and explore the area or just laze around by the beach!


Traditional house behind Dam Mon beach

Locals living near the beach


Best Time to Visit Whale Island

In Vietnam, the weather is nice all year round. Are you looking for the best time to dive here? Then you can best come from April to September. Then the sea is the calmest and the weather is the best! You can reach the island from Ninh or Nha Trang. There is no airport here so flying directly to this island is not possible. Fortunately, it is easy to travel here from Nha Trang.


How to get to Whale Island

Whale Island Resort is the only resort on the island and therefore has a monopoly position with regard to transport, food, and accommodation. The resort can arrange transportation to the island but this will cost you around $80.


In Nha Trang, you can arrange transportation at The Rainbow Bar (90A Hung Vuong). They have a Daily Shuttle Bus from Nha Trang to Whale Island for $20 per person. The best way to reach them is through their website.


Where to Stay on Whale Island

Whale Island is just a small island. There is also only one option to spend the night here. The Whale Island Resort. So if you would like to sleep here, a reservation is a must!



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