Footbridge to Pavilion on Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island – The Maldives of China

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Wuzhizhou Island is also called the “Maldives of China”. It is one of the best places in China for diving. Wuzhizhou is a small island with a holiday village just off the coast of Hainan. The crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches, rare wildlife, and coral reefs are the main attractions here.


Wuzhizhou Island is one of China’s best islands and beaches. It is a true mini island of just 1.5 square kilometers (0.58 square miles). If you compare it to Hainan, you won’t even see it. The special thing about this island is that it is one of the few islands in China with rich plant life.


The island has more than 2000 rare plants and trees. Given the size of the island that is incredible! The landscape is very diverse with many hills (the highest point is 80 meters, 262 feet) and white sandy beaches. However, the biggest reason people come to Wuzhizhou Island is the possibility of diving.


With visibility of almost 30 meters (98 feet) underwater, a wide range of tropical fish and colorful coral, Wuzhizhou Island is a great place for diving. Like so many popular places in China, you won’t be the only one who wants to dive here. So come early and avoid the crowd of noisy Chinese tourists.


Clear blue sea hitting the rocky coast
The coast of Wuzhizhou Island


Things to Do on the Island

Because it has a tropical climate you can visit Wuzhizhou Island all year round. It is the ideal holiday island with enough entertainment for everyone. In addition to the wonderful diving spots and relaxing on the beach, you can also eat well here.


It will not surprise anyone that they mainly eat fish here. Freshly caught lobsters, prawns, crabs and a wide range of fish are served daily. When you combine that with a fresh fruit cake, the holiday feeling comes naturally.


Those who do not like diving (who probably won’t visit Wuzhizhou Island) and just want to laze on the beach can participate in many different water sports. You can surf, sail, and kayak here. And if the water is not your thing at all, you can always hang out in one of the many bars.


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